Australia introduces controversial mind control Ministry aimed at controlling and changing men’s behavior


by Lance D Johnson, Natural News:

The totalitarian, morally-bankrupt nation of Australia has introduced a controversial new Ministry that specifically targets MEN and seeks to change MAN’s behavior. The Premier of Victoria – Jacinta Allan – has appointed a man named Tim Richardson to become the nation’s first Parliamentary Secretary for Men’s Behavior Change.

The new Ministry will seek to monitor, control and change men’s behavior throughout Australia. The Ministry will use online tools to make men have respectful dialogue with women, etc. To get the population behind this social engineering program, there must be a manufactured crisis. Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and the corporate state media claim the country is experiencing a “national crisis” of “gender-based violence.” The Prime Minister suggests that all men should take responsibility for this crisis, and the government must act now!


Real masculinity is a threat to the cowardice within totalitarian governments

Totalitarian governments like Australia’s are already rife with weak men and women who seek to restrain, control and abuse others. Throughout the past five years, Australia has proven to be a nation of cowardly leaders, regardless of gender. Not only has this government conspired to eradicate the rights of individuals, but they have also destroyed the very moral fabric of society in the name of “keeping people safe.”

With the emergence of the Secretary for Men’s Behavior Change, here is yet another example of where the Australian government seeks to keep people safe to embolden the power and false authority of a totalitarian state. The only difference is the target is now on men in general, as the government tells men what to think, how to behave and how to speak — falsely guilting all men to feel a sense of collective responsibility for being inherently bad.

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At the heart, this social engineering program seeks to control public behavior and suppress dissent, feminizing the culture and penalizing men for becoming bold, strong leaders who speak out against injustices. The Australian government is also trying to feed gender warfare, to foster distrust between the sexes, while simultaneously suppressing the population further.

The New Ministry emphasizes the need to alter men’s internet discourse, changing their attitudes towards women, transgenders and gays, and making them more submissive to the social engineering programs. This effort represents a broader agenda to regulate online speech and control how men think. The targeting of men serves as a pretext to bolster authoritarian measures, under the guise of protecting transgenders and other minorities. A divided and emasculated population, where men are forced to be docile and silent on controversial issues, is a population that can be ruled as slaves.

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