Alex Jones Ordered To Liquidate Personal Assets, But Infowars Lives To Fight Another Day


from ZeroHedge:

A bankruptcy judge in Houston, Texas on Friday ordered Infowars founder Alex Jones to liquidate his personal assets to help pay roughly $1.5 billion in damages to Sandy Hook families, but handed Jones a win – dismissing a separate bankruptcy case over Infowars’ parent company, Free Speech Systems that would have handed control to the plaintiffs.

In his ruling, US Bankruptcy Judge Christopher Lopez said that Sandy Hook families can pursue claims against Jones in state court without forcing Free Speech Systems into bankruptcy.


“The right call is to dismiss this case,” said Lopez, giving Infowars a lifeline. “I think remaining assets can be resolved outside of a bankruptcy forum.”

As for Jones’ personal bankruptcy, he had agreed to convert it into a Chapter 7 liquidation last week.

“Those trustees will make decisions about where things go,” he continued. “We’re not leaving things into the wind here.”

Infowars responds

It looks like Infowars just got some extra time,” said host Owen Shroyer on air after news of the ruling broke.

Jones had been preparing his massive audience for a shutdown, as attorney for the families sought not only to take over Infowars, but Jones’ personal social media accounts which they argued is “no different than a customer list of any other liquidating business.”

Shortly before the hearing, Jones addressed the public to describe possible outcomes.

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