Ukraine Embezzled Millions for Fortifications Never Built, Russia Rolled In


by M Dowling, Independent Sentinel:

Jack Posobiec wrote at Human Events that Ukraine embezzled millions meant to build fortifications to keep Russia from invading again. Russia has invaded the northeast of Ukraine and practically walked right in. There were no fortifications, and Russia allegedly took over dozens of crimes.

A Pravda article, admittedly biased and including opinion, gave very detailed information about the money meant for fortifications. The report indicated that Ukrainian military set up shell companies to embezzle the money and never purchased the equipment.


What is true is the US gave them billions, and they didn’t build any fortifications. We know how corrupt the officials are in Ukraine. In January, Ukraine announced that $40 million was embezzled. There were many other reports of corruption.

It is very sad for the innocent people who just lost everything and ran for their lives. It is even sadder for Americans. We have to borrow every dollar we give these people for a failed war. The longer this war goes on, the worse it seems to get for Ukrainians.

The Short Clip Jack Posobiec posted:

Watch the full clip here.


With millions of dollars reportedly embezzled, Russian armor was free to roll across the border into Kharkiv.

Military and civilian authorities in Ukraine’s Kharkov Region paid millions of dollars to fake companies for the supply of non-existent building materials to construct defensive fortifications, the newspaper Ukrainska Pravda reported on Monday. With no fortifications built, Russian forces have advanced rapidly through the region.

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