There’s A Major Magnetic Pole Shift Taking Place Over Decades Which Is Always A Foreshadowing Of An Extinction Level Event


from State Of The Nation:

SOTN Editor’s Note: The following extended essay presents a compilation of  info/data which points directly to a Solar System in great flux.  This fact of life is not debatable as the most high integrity scientific observations have borne out a slowly emerging new reality over decades. See: Hard Scientific Proof Confirming Our Solar System Is Undergoing A Major Transformation
Now here’s another post that clearly delineates the BIG picture from a very diverse and wide-ranging perspective.  When all of the most impactful issues are objectively considered, especially the profound alterations of planetary rhythms and rapidly increasing cosmic rays, there can be only one conclusion:

Now watch the following video to understand why these highly consequential and pervasive changes are occurring throughout our entire Solar System and beyond from the standpoint of the ongoing and irrefutable “Magnetic Pole Shift’.


The power elite are well aware of each and every major change pointed out in the preceding videos and essays … … … and they’re scared to death because they know they cannot prepare for the inevitable metamorphosis of planet Earth.
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