The age of celebrity idolatry is over: Elites are ‘petrified’


from The Blaze:

America just might be moving closer to ridding itself of celebrity idolatry.

Known as the “digital guillotine,” or “digitine,” a new online trend of blocking celebrities and content creators like Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift has begun.

Jason Whitlock is surprised, as it’s a trend that was created by the left, not the right.

“Leftists are starting to get just as upset with celebrities as people on the right, and they’re basically blocking celebrities all across social media apps in protest to celebrities that don’t speak out in favor of Palestine,” Whitlock says.


“This is all fascinating that the left is joining the right, or conservatives, in their animus and in their calling out of celebrities,” he adds.

Whitlock believes this is a part of the “awakening” happening about idolatry in America right now.

“The American idols that have been installed are in hot water right now, and it used to just be with those of us that are considered conservatives. We figured out like man, these celebrities are full of BS. They don’t say what they believe, they support anti-American values, they’re told what to think and say, they’re unoriginal,” Whitlock says.

“Now the left is starting to figure that out,” he adds.

The left was “triggered” by the most recent Met Gala, where “celebrities come dressed half naked or wildly in costumes” and there are “a lot of dudes in dresses.”

The Gala charged $75,000 a ticket this year, which is what sent the left into a celebrity-blocking frenzy.

Whitlock notes that the people on the left are starting to figure out “that the Hollywood elite, and that the upper elite, the real elite, don’t care about them.”

“If those people ever figure out man, you know, we actually kind of think the same thing as the MAGA crowd, that this system is unfair and it caters to a special group of elite people, and we’re not a part of that elite group,” Whitlock says, “that’s what has the elite petrified.”

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