Skyrocketing Disorder & Chaos & The Deaths Of Millions Due To Heartless Policies Of Demons Like George Soros, Klaus Schwab & Bill Gates Signify Hells Ambassadors Have Taken Center Stage


by Anthony J. DeBlas, All News Pipeline:

Theodore Roosevelt spoke of an invisible government in his presidency (1901-1909). He was alluding to a hidden power behind the visible government that today is referred to as “the deep state.” It is the unofficial target of blame for action against the will of the people. A finger pointed at it in the last century that signaled a change to America that would end its freedom and independence. The following touches on that “dot” among the many that help explain the drive toward a “new world order.” 

Among the “dots” associated with such an extraordinary change to America are a couple that helped lead the way toward global governance. One was the social turmoil that erupted in the 1960s, a false alarm for radical change that was aided and abetted by Marxist activists and by funds from the Soviet Union during the so-called “world peace/anti-war” movement. By 1980 it was hardly a secret that change agents had infiltrated major American institutions, intent on undermining this country’s culture and dismantling the America we all knew. It triggered a culture war, and as the 20th century waned it became evident that the drive to change this country included grooming Americans for life in a global society (a project for the U.N.?).


That objective was in fact announced publicly in 1991 by President George H.W. Bush when he declared (with a straight face), that a New World Order was coming that would end wars and establish peace throughout the world. In essence this was a recycling of the mission of the 1920 League of Nations that failed because the U.S. would not sign on. In 1945 the idea of global governance was resurrected with the launching of the United Nations, resuming the challenge to national sovereignty.


I watched, dumbfounded, as the commander in chief of our country stood ready to cede the sovereignty of the United States to a ruling authority above it. This would be an act that would sidestep the Constitution and terminate America’s independence and freedom. If this was what we were to expect, then the United States would cease to exist as one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. 

Were we to live in a world with no borders, governed by unelected officials? Enough such officials autocrats in history had turned their backs on their people and on God to make everyone wave red flags. Such a deficient vision of progress as announced by President Bush would certainly reverse any actual progress made in ending the master/slave social paradigm of past regimes. For an American president, sworn by oath to defend the Constitution of the United States, this was a treasonous position. 

The move to establish a world order in defiance of the Constitution persisted, however, as differences between the political parties began to fade and morph into a “Uniparty,” and as baby-boomer professionals filled positions of influence and authority in industry, politics, school, church, entertainment, and the arts. We inherit the resulting changes in American culture and in many fields of endeavor that had been positive indicators of a thriving and vibrant America. It may be asserted with confidence that a continuing decline in the quality of life for Americans has been noticed by most of us.

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