X employees in Brazil threatened with arrest over censorship beef with government, warns Elon Musk


by Ethan Huff, Natural News:

In order to “do a full data dump” on the situation transpiring in Brazil with its new authoritarian government, X’s Elon Musk has told his Brazilian employees that they first need to make sure they are in a safe place.

The situation in Brazil is dire, in case you missed it. Brazilian Supreme Court Justice Alexandre de Moraes is attempting to shut down popular accounts on X while launching an inquiry into Musk for alleged “obstruction of justice” and “incitement to crime.”

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De Moraes has been at Musk’s throat ever since the Jair Bolsonaro regime was ousted, and now in “Twitter Files” fashion Musk claims he is about to drop the goods on Brazilian government corruption in defiance of the new regime.

Brazil’s new regime is threatening to fine X $20,000 per profile that it wants removed, to which Musk is fighting back by firing a shot on his social media platform.

“We need to get our employees in Brazil to a safe place or otherwise not in a position of responsibility, then we will do a full data dump,” Musk tweeted. “They have been told they will be arrested.”

Fighting the Censorship Industrial Complex

Musk’s words in the above tweet came in response to a post by Brazilian Federal Representative Nikolas Ferreira who had this to say about what Musk allegedly knows concerning the Brazilian election:

“Elon said that Alexandre has Lula on a leash and that he put his finger on the scale to elect him. As a member of the Brazilian congress and representing millions of people, I ask you to give us more information. This will be crucial for the future of our country.”

Musk has stated that he will not be following the new Brazilian government’s orders and that “coming shortly,” he will “publish everything Alexandre de Moraes demanded by and how those requests violate Brazilian law.”

“This judge has brazenly and repeatedly betrayed the constitution and people of Brazil. He should resign or be impeached,” Musk added.

Journalist Michael Shellenberger also commented on the developments, stating that “Brazil is engaged in a sweeping crackdown on free speech led by a Supreme Court justice named Alexandre de Moraes.”

“De Moraes has thrown people in jail without trial for things they posted on social media,” Shellenberger added. “He has demanded the removal of users from social media platforms. And he has required the censorship of specific posts, without giving users any right of appeal or even the right to see the evidence presented against them.”

The controversy started back when X was still a publicly traded company called Twitter. De Moraes and the Superior Electoral Court had previously demanded that then-Twitter reveal personal details about users who were tweeting hashtags “he did not like,” as well as give “access to Twitter’s internal data in violation of Twitter policy.”

In other words, the plan was to weaponize Twitter’s content moderation policies against supporters of Bolsonaro which, despite its voluminous problems, does not accord with Twitter’s “community guidelines.”

Files uncovered by Shellenberger reveal the origins of the Brazilian judiciary’s demand for what he described as “sweeping censorship powers.” Those same files show how Brazil’s highest court utilized censorship for anti-democratic election interference, as well as how “the birth of the Censorship Industrial Complex” came to be in Brazil.

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