Biden Now Seeks WW3 Against Russia, Says High U.S. Defense Expert


by Eric Zuesse, The Duran:

The U.S. plan is that since any Ukrainian pilots who could fly America’s F-16s are dead by now, Biden and Stoltenberg have authorized NATO pilots to be flying the U.S. F-16s that will be sent to Ukraine, and that those pilots will attack Russia and bomb Russia so as to create such an outburst of opposition to Russia’s President Vladimir Putin there as to overthrow him, and the CIA right now is in Ukraine on its border with Russia training Ukrainians what to do in order to assist NATO in this U.S.-headed regime-change operation for The West (i.e., for the U.S. Government) to take over control of Russia and therefore win America’s war against Russia and (as it’s thought) cause Biden to be re-elected.


This information and viewpoint comes from Stephen Bryen, who in the 1980s under President Reagan, founded and headed the Defense Technology Security Administration within the U.S. Defense Department, and he has extensive experience at top levels in academia, government, industry, and national-security think tanks, including as the President of the aerospace-defense firm Finmeccanica North America (now Leonardo) (which the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, SIPRI, rates as the world’s 9th-largest seller of armaments), and he was a Deputy Under Secretary of Defense throughout Reagans two terms. He also has been a senior staff director of the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Consequently, he either is a part of America’s Deep State, and/or he has extensive personal contacts with people who are. And he can therefore be reasonably considered to be far more knowledgable about the U.S. Government’s military plans than ordinary commentators and journalists are, who speculate upon such plans.

You can see and hear Dr. Bryen answering questions about this matter, in a 37-minute-long 7 March 2024 video interview of him (including its full transcript) titled “Ukraine: Has the US Lost Yet Another Proxy War? with Stephen Bryen”. I summarized it in the opening paragraph here. (If you want to see also an article from him, you might be interested in Bryen’s February 24th “Fire Jens Stoltenberg Now Before It Is Too Late!” in which he pointed out that on February 20th, Stoltenberg “announced he is giving Ukraine ‘permission’ to use its soon to be delivered F-16s to launch attacks inside Russia.”)

Even though this NATO invasion of Russia from Ukraine might be Joe Biden’s plan to win re-election, it ought to be made public, because no polling-data suggest that the American public are willing to risk a nuclear war with Russia in order for Ukraine to win America’s war against Russia; and, of course, even only few of even the most anti-Russian Ukrainians — the people who have been dying by the hundreds of thousands as the cannon-fodder in that U.S. war — do.

We are now in year ten of this war. The war in Ukraine started in 2014, as both NATO’s Stoltenberg and Ukraine’s Zelensky have said. It was started in February 2014 by a U.S. coup which replaced the democratically elected and neutralist President with a U.S. selected and rabidly anti-Russian leader, who immediately imposed an ethnic-cleansing program to get rid of the residents in the regions that had voted overwhelmingly for the overthrown President. Russia responded militarily on 24 February 2022 in order to prevent Ukraine from allowing the U.S. to place a missile there a mere 317 miles or five minutes of missile-flying-time away from The Kremlin and thus too brief for Russia to respond before its central command would already be beheaded by America’s nuclear strike. (As I headlined on 28 October 2022, “NATO Wants To Place Nuclear Missiles On Finland’s Russian Border — Finland Says Yes”. The U.S. had demanded this, especially because it will place American nuclear missiles far nearer to The Kremlin than at present, only 507 miles away — not as close as Ukraine, but the closest yet.)

If NATO pilots will be dropping those bombs on Russia from U.S. F-16 planes, then either Russia will capitulate, or else this war will go nuclear, because that would be a war against NATO, and it would no longer even nominally be (as it has been, nominally) Russia’s war with Ukraine; it would instead directly be Russia’s war with NATO.

Consequently, everyone who intends to vote in the U.S. Presidential elections on 5 November 2024 deserves to know whether Biden really meant it when he said on 21 February 2023 “Ukraine will never be a victory for Russia. Never.” Ever since October 2023, Biden has been demanding from Congress an additional $60 billion for Ukraine, but is he willing to sacrifice everyone’s life in order to fulfill on his promise that Russia will be defeated?

If Dr. Bryen is (as I very much doubt) raising these questions for a partisan political purpose now about Biden, then nonetheless Biden — and very much also Trump — ought to be asked whether Biden was right to say, on 21 February 2023, “Ukraine will never be a victory for Russia. Never.” And whether that goal, of a U.S. victory against Russia in Ukraine, will be worth a global nuclear war against Russia itself, in order to fulfill on President Biden’s commitment to a ‘victory by Ukraine’ against Russia, must urgently be asked, and answered. But no one is asking it.

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