ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE! It’s either their Plan B or Plan C because……


from State Of The Nation:

…they know what’s coming sooner or later.

First, here’s the context: Watch this Covid-vaxxed injured Scotsman speak to the UK Prime Minster Rishi Sunak about his extremely distressing government-caused plight.

Now understand that billions across the planet have been similarly vaccine injured who are slowly waking up to that fact of life.

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However, what very few folks are yet aware of are the extremely deleterious psychological effects which are also produced by those Covid injections.  As follows:

“Having written the first article on the Internet about the COVID-19 Quaternary Weapon System, I can confirm that the “Covid Vaccine Binary Weapon System” explained below dovetails quite nicely with the now evident stealthy scheme of the interweaving bioweaponry techniques, tactics and technology utilized throughout this ongoing biowar against humanity.  I might also point out that the adverse psychological effects of these weaponized ‘vaccines’ are only now beginning to emerge across societies worldwide.  Many of our longtime U.S. patients and foreign clients are already exhibiting radical changes from their normal mood, behavior, personality, affect, projection, communication patterns, character traits, etc.  It now appears that the detailed explanation below can account for many of these dramatic transformations of persona.  Therefore, folks everywhere are highly encouraged to back away from any and all provocations, especially with vaccinated individuals.”

—  An Integrative Health Consultant who has functioned as a Covid vaccine-induced injury consultant since the end of 2020
(Source: COVID VACCINE & 5G BINARY WEAPON SYSTEM: It’s much more dangerous than anyone knows

What’s the critical point?

Those vaccinated individuals who have been both physically injured and psychologically harmed by the Covid jabs are going to wake up one day spitting mad.  And, their inevitable mental illness and emotional derangement will project itself at the main object of their anger—Big Pharma, Big Medical and Big Government.

Which means that, at some point in the not-too-distant-future, the perpetrators of this global genocidal scheme will become the target of that upcoming rage.

Folks, this is nothing like the 9/11 false flag terrorist attacks where primarily New Yorkers were the victims of that US government-sponsored mass murder.

It certainly is not like the brutal killing of JFK in Dallas on November 22, 1963.  He was one man; albeit, a great hope for the country and the world-at-large.

We’re talking about billions of infuriated vaccinated people who are not only severely injured physically, but who are also walking around with a whole range of psychological conditions and psychiatric illnesses, unknown to themselves and their circle of acquaintances…until one day they explode after being triggered.


It’s obviously no coincidence that the military deployment of 5G took place throughout numerous major cities around the globe during 2019 (some roll-outs actually began in 2018) BEFORE the COVID-19 biowar was launched in Wuhan, China and other ground zero locations.

From all the evidence posted on the Internet, it’s now clear that the perps were setting up the civilian battlefield to test their new Binary Weapon System (COVID-19 bioweapon + 5G frequency weapon).  Hence, cities such as Wuhan, New York City, Milan, Tehran, Seattle, Seoul, Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, etc. all saw a mushrooming of seemingly spontaneous COVID-19 outbreak cluster outbreaks.  All of those Corona clusters were a product of the COVID-19 bioweapon (which was not a coronavirus) in tandem with the strategic activation of those respective 5G power grids.

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