WOW! Text Messages Show That Nathan Wade Attorney Admitted That Wade and Fani Willis Began Relationship BEFORE Wade Was Hired and Appointed as Lead Trump Prosecutor – Said “They Will Deny it” in Message (VIDEO)


by Jordan Conradson, The Gateway Pundit:

Nathan Wade’s former law partner and divorce lawyer, Terrence Bradley, was back on the stand on Tuesday after Judge McAfee said he is not protected by attorney-client privilege, and his testimony gives more evidence that Fani Willis and Nathan Wade lied on the stand about their relationship.

Watch a replay of Bradley’s full testimony earlier here.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis “financially benefited” from a romantic relationship with top Trump prosecutor Nathan Wade.


Earlier this month, Fani Willis and Nathan Wade were subpoenaed to testify at an evidentiary hearing thanks to a lawsuit filed by Trump’s RICO co-defendant Michael Roman.

Judge Scott McAfee said Fani Willis may be disqualified from Trump’s RICO case over her improper relationship with top Nathan Wade.

Both Willis and Wade were on the same page when they testified earlier this month that they met at Willis’s home no more than ten times and started a relationship AFTER he was appointed to lead the Trump election interference case. However, The Gateway Pundit reported on Saturday that the attorneys for Trump and Roman geo-tracked Nathan Wade and found that Wade likely made at least 35 visits to Fani’s home BEFORE he was appointed to lead the case. They also discovered that the two exchanged over 2,000 voice calls and almost 12,000 text messages in the 11 months of January to November 2021 before Nathan Wade was hired.

Michael Roman’s lawyer, Ashleigh Merchant, questioned a squirming and sweating Bradley for an hour about his knowledge of his long-time friend, former law partner, and former client, Nathan Wade’s relationship with Fani Willis. She confronted him on text messages that he apparently sent to Merchant, where he admitted that Wade started dating Willis before she hired him!

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