While The Media Focuses On Everything BUT Americans, Food News That Affects Every Single American Citizen Is Buried Under An Avalanche Of MSM Liberal Activism


by Susan Duclos, All News Pipeline:

With so many large scale national events occurring, there are some events that will affect every single America that seem to slipping through the cracks.

The MSM is more concerned with Trump mania, funding for Ukraine borders but not America’s, along with arms to Ukraine, attacking Republicans and MAGA supporters, in order to protect Biden, gun control, green energy, electric vehicles, Russian President Vladimir Putin, Tucker Carlson, than they are with high prices for just about everything, especially food, and meat, corn, wheat, oils and other shortages heading our way.

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It seems like since the day Trump rode down the escalators and announced his candidacy in 2015, the national media became obsessed with preventing him from becoming President of the United States of America. It is now 2024, and that appears to still be their main focus, since he leads Joe Biden in swing state and many national polls.

Reporting actual hoaxes as truth to has cost the media in terms of jobs, as they have lost 2,681 jobs during “Bidenomics,” and while no one wants to see anybody lose their livelihood, those losses are self-inflicted wounds, yet they continue to shift as far left as humanly possible.

It could be said that those that do not learn their lessons, deserve what they get.

With all that said, some MSM have touched on what is happening in the world of food news, as we will cite and link to a few below, but the sheer amount of liberal agenda articles guarantee that the news most important to Americans is buried so deep you have to hunt hard for them.

Permanently high food prices, a cattle shortage, poultry industry once again in the crosshairs from Avian Flu, egg prices on the rise again, and staple food to be strained again in 2024.

Those are some of the issues we will be detailing below, many of which there is a high likelihood that most Americans know nothing about because of the avalanche of liberal activism articles clogging up the internet.

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