SUPER BOWL LVIII: It’s all fixed. They’ve always been fixed!


from State Of The Nation:

Let’s make this short and simple so we can all get to tonight’s game—CON GAME, that is.
Does anyone really think the most bet-on sporting event in world history has not been fixed, and sometime right down to the exact score?

Why the exact score? Because many of the most sophisticated and richest bettors are splitting hairs on this game where each hair translates to a tens of millions of dollars.


Look, the wealthy elites never miss an opportunity to effectuate enormous transfers of wealth from the working stiff to themselves.  And gambling has always been a primary means to do this.

And btw, those same wealthy elites are behind every single government-run lottery and other types of gambling operations, to include all the casinos managed by the various Native American tribes across the USA.

That’s right, although the natives run the joints, to include casinos, bingo halls, slots halls and other gambling operations on Indian reservations or other tribal lands in the United States, those establishments are actually (and secretly) owned and operated by the U.S. Federal Government, not their American Indian caretakers. (That’s another story.)

In any event, the elites are takers, not caretakers, as they have always been and always will be.

So, when it comes to a real big gambling events like SUPER BOWL LVIII, they only see dollar signs—BIG DOLLAR signs at that.

Which means that this year has really seen the pot jacked up like never before. See: “67.8 million Americans will throw down an estimated $23.1 billion on the big game in 2024 — a new record.”

Did you read that number right?  That’s $23.1 billion wagered by the little guy, not the smart money.  The smart money is multiple times bigger than that on this game, and is kept completely off the books.  I know as I was a bookie who worked on the inside.

Now for the naysayers who are already screaming that it’s impossible to fix such a massively watched public event like the Super Bowl.

No it ain’t, bubs.

You all saw the same bad actors fix the 2020 POTUS election in real time in the middle of the night, yes?!

Well, fixing a ball game — any ball game — is as easy as 1,2,3.

If the gamblers knew just how many ways a football game especially can be rigged and fixed, they’ed vacate the betting parlors so fast it ain’t funny.

Of course, everyone in the biz knows this, so many of those blokes look to game the con game.  The gambling insiders know the outcomes are always predetermined, so they just try to figure out who’s being “championed” this year.

In this day and age, that really requires a Frontier supercomputer there are so many factors and variables that have entered the much bigger playing field.

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