SCOTUS smashes Colorado’s “case” on Trump (and, along with it, the “insurrection” narrative)


by Mark Crispin Miller, News from Underground:

Kagan, Jackson seemed to share the doubts of the conservative majority as to this latest “liberal” effort to condemn both Trump and those Americans who’d vote for him to “civil death”

Regardless of your take on Trump, or anybody else’s, the Court was somehow overtaken by lucidity—a rare thing in Year 4 of the “COVID crisis.”

Compilation by blueplanet68:


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Kavanaugh lays down the law. “Trump has not been charged with Insurrection”:

Gorsuch slaps the stuffing out of Jason Murray, Colorado’s lead lawyer:

Jonathan Turley: “This was a bloodbath for Democrats”:

“Murray took more arrows than Saint Sebastian”:

Jonathan Turley’s complete thread:

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