NWO Geoterrorists Slam An Apocalyptic Frankenstorm Into Southern California—WHY NOW?


from State Of The Nation:

SOTN Editor’s Note: There are actually several reasons why the New World Order globalist cabal has been aiming their most powerful weather weapons at the United States for many years now.  Not only is each geoengineered Frankenstorm blamed as a direct consequence of the CO2-driven Global Warming hoax and utterly fake Climate Change narrative, the perps are always in need of staging HUGE distractions from their countless crimes sprees perpetrated against the American people.
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However, the NWO cabal has a particular need to generate as much chaos, confusion and conflict nationwide as possible in this 2024 Election Year…for obvious reasons.

However, the single most important purpose behind so many weather cataclysms is to create an conducive environment nationwide for the Communist-run Democrat Party (RINO co-conspirators), Deep State, US Intel Community, Biden Administration and the Cabal (esp. the Pilgrims Society) to launch their long-planned American Bolshevik Revolution. They simply have no choice but to attempt a violent collapse of the USA — 1917 Bolshevik Revolution-style — at this point, since so many other of their daffy Republic-takeover schemes have failed so dismally.

Photo-Documentary of Cataclysmic SoCal Storm Damage This Week

KEY POINTS: The NWO geoengineers have quite purposefully spent years manufacturing one heat wave after another, one drought after another; which are then exploited by the NWO pyro-terrorists who aim their DEWs at all the parched lands. After two decades of triggering massive firestorms and raging wildfires, which have been sporadically racing through every region of California, the denuded lands are extremely vulnerable to mudslides as graphically shown below. In other words, the Agenda 21 and Agenda 30 magic formula is (i) first dry out the targeted territories, (ii) then burn them down, (iii) then trigger mudslides via 1000 year frankenstorms. Of course, the nonstop chemical geoengineering operations have sprayed immense volumes of aluminum oxide (harvested from coal fly ash) via chemtrails, which serves as a powerful fire accelerant during both of California’s two wildfire seasons that have been getting worse by the year.

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