by JD Rucker, The Liberty Daily:

At the end of President Donald Trump’s administration, there was peace abroad and prosperity at home. After three years of President Joe Biden, Americans no longer enjoy economic prosperity, but face inflation and high-interest rates. Also, major wars are raging in Ukraine and in Gaza, while additional wars may be started by the brutal dictators in China and Venezuela.

To make matters worse, Iran is on the threshold of obtaining nuclear weapons and the North Korean dictator is threatening to launch a military invasion against his neighbors.


In Jordan, three American military service members were killed, and dozens were wounded in a drone attack launched by Iranian proxies. Overall, since the Hamas terrorist attack against Israel on October 7, 2023, American military personnel and facilities have been attacked 166 times by drones, missiles, or rockets launched by Iranian-funded militias.

During the same period, the Houthis, Yemeni terrorists backed by Iran, have attacked ships in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden at least 36 times. The Houthis claim their involvement is to show “solidarity with Palestinians in the war between Israel and Hamas.”

While the Biden administration has militarily responded to some of these attacks by striking facilities linked to Iranian proxies in Iraq, Syria, and Yemen, it will not deter these terrorists. The best way to prevent future attacks is to target Iran economically or militarily, sending a message to the world’s largest benefactor of terrorism.

This course of action has been dismissed by the Biden administration, which has eased economic sanctions on Iran, reducing the pressure that was exerted by President Trump. During his presidency, Iran was contained and so were their terrorist proxies.

Unfortunately, the Biden administration has allowed Iran to become emboldened and enriched. As a result, additional resources have been provided to terror groups such as Hamas. Without Iran’s funding, Hamas would have been unable to launch their attack against Israel.

While Trump was President, instead of military conflict and terrorism in the region, there were four significant peace agreements between Arab nations and Israel. These noteworthy pacts were known as the Abraham Accords and marked a major accomplishment for President Trump.

Regrettably, the Abraham Accords are a distant memory today as the region is engulfed in chaos, which has been caused by Biden’s feckless domestic and foreign policies. His embarrassing withdrawal from Afghanistan resulted in the death of thirteen military service members but also encouraged Russian President Vladimir Putin to invade Ukraine. In contrast, Putin did not invade any countries while Trump was President.

Trump believes in peace through strength, the philosophy shared by President Ronald Reagan. Both Presidents restored our military strength; however, Biden has weakened our military by his appointment of “woke” leaders who have pursued policies that target “white rage” and promote “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.”

These policies led to a massive decline in recruitment in all military branches. Thus, at a time of heightened threat, the United States is ill-equipped to deal with these challenges due to misguided Biden policies.

Our foremost threat, communist China, has been treated with kid gloves by Biden, leading many to believe he is compromised in his dealings with this adversary. In response to the Chinese sending a spy balloon over our country, Biden did nothing.

Currently, China is using our open border to send large numbers of military-age men into our country. This would not be happening if Biden had retained Trump’s strong border policies.

Unfortunately, Biden stopped construction of the border wall and encouraged migrants from around the world to enter the United States. Millions of undocumented migrants accepted Biden’s offer and have flooded our country. Among this illegal influx are an untold number of criminals and terrorists.

It is widely suspected that terrorist sleeper cells have been established in the last three years as President Biden has allowed an open border to threaten the lives of every American. This dangerous threat to our nation may not be fully understood by Biden. As the nation witnessed last week, Biden is mentally incompetent.

In a primetime news conference, he mixed up the nations of Egypt and Mexico. Earlier in the week, he forgot the name of the Hamas terrorists and mistakenly believed he met with the late Presidents of France and Germany.

The damning Special Counsel report on his mishandling of classified documents should have resulted in criminal charges. Instead, the Special Counsel said that Biden was too mentally frail to withstand a trial and that jurors would feel sympathy for an elderly man.

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