Deaths of despair and other toxic pathologies inflicted on us by the perverted public health pandemic management


by Dr. Harvey Risch, America Outloud:

Dr. Harvey Risch in conversation with Dr. Toby Rogers. Dr. Rogers has a Ph.D. in political economy from the University of Sydney in Australia. His doctoral thesis, “The Political Economy of Autism,” explored the regulatory history of five classes of toxicants that increase autism risk. Dr. Rogers writes, speaks, and teaches on regulatory capture, corruption in the pharmaceutical industry, and the revolution that we need to stop the epidemics of chronic illnesses in children.


Four years ago, Dr. Rogers used available data at the beginning of the pandemic lockdowns to estimate deaths of despair–suicides, drug and alcohol overdoses, spouse and child abuse, etc.–that would increase because of the lockdowns and their economic and employment damages and social isolations. This position was noted then by the government but denied that it would occur. Four years later, publications now show exactly that such deaths of despair did occur and to the degree that Dr. Rogers predicted.

Public health failed its basic function during the pandemic, to estimate not only the benefits but also the risks of any policy interventions. Instead of recognizing that managing the pandemic involved minimizing medical risks, psychological risks, economic risks, and citizenship risks, it denied the last three and only considered medical issues, and in a perverted way at that.
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