by Jim Quinn, The Burning Platform:

I think this made up word in the meme below perfectly captures the tyrannical billionaire psychopaths who seem to have gained control of the world using their billions, while portraying themselves as the saviors of humanity. Whenever I see the term Foundation related to one of these psychopaths, I know that Foundation is nothing more than a front to achieve their evil agenda. And if ever their was a poster boy for philanthropaths across the world, it would be Mister depopulation/vaccine pusher/farmer Bill Gates and his Gates Foundation.



Gates, Soros, Bloomberg and the Clintons represent the evil forces in this world, using their wealth, power, and control of the regime media to push their agenda of chaos, death, destruction, and depopulation. They all use their “Charitable” Foundations as a means to their evil ends, while being portrayed by the media they have bought off, as generous philanthropists improving the lives of the poor and downtrodden. It is all a ruse, easily revealed to anyone willing to dig just below the surface of these Potemkin foundations.

Bill Gates has openly articulated his belief the world needs billions less people. Everything he does, supports, and funds, actively promotes achieving his psychotic death wish for those he considers useless eaters. Gates funded Event 201 in October 2019, laying out the master plan for the Covid plandemic, while at the same time funding the vaccines for a disease that supposedly didn’t exist yet. This psychopath was front and center in pushing billions across the globe to be injected with this untested toxic DNA altering concoction.

It is now unequivocally provable these vaccines killed millions immediately, millions more slowly and methodically, and stopped millions more from ever being born by drastically altering the fertility of young people who had ZERO risk from covid, but were forced to be injected by the authorities and their bought off lackeys. This psycho has also funded the introduction of GMO mosquitos into the wild. Suddenly, cases of malaria have risen. This mental defective has funded fake chemically produced meat, while buying up farmland across the country, with no intention of farming. He funds new vaccines, using Africans as his guinea pigs. He funds geo-engineering (aka chemtrails) to block the sun, because his high school degree makes him not only a vaccine expert, but a climate expert too.

Psycho Soros made his billions manipulating financial markets through insider information, so now he fancies himself as puppet master of politicians, the media, and NGOs across the globe. He is single-handedly responsible for the ongoing destruction of America and most of the western world. It has taken billions of dollars to transport the millions of invaders placed at our southern border. Soros is the psychopath funding this invasion under the cover of his foundation and the hundreds of “charitable” organizations he funds to make sure the invaders have the means to successfully enter our country and western Europe.

George Soros is one of the 30 richest people in the world

His sole purpose is to destroy American and western culture, create chaos, maximize societal strife, and destroy every vestige of community, normalcy, and peaceful coexistence. Soros is behind the selection of the DAs in every urban enclave in America, who refuse to enforce the law, encourage crime, and purposefully destroy the cities they were entrusted to protect. Soros wants rampant crime, illegal immigrants overwhelming cities, uncontrolled drug use, mass homelessness, rigged elections through mail-in ballot fraud, and the downfall of America. All done through “legal” means, and cheered on by the regime media he funds.

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