HUGE!!! 231 Military Officers, Senior Enlisted & Veterans Sign Scathing Indictment Against DOD Top Brass…..


from State Of The Nation:

…By Way Of The Following “Declaration of Military Accountability” Essentially Accusing Them All Of
Treason Via The Unlawful Implementation Of The
Deadly and Injurious Covid ‘Vaccine’ Mandate
State of the Nation
It doesn’t get any bigger than this, does it? The leadership of the U.S. Armed Forces simply does not experience being called out in such a public fashion, especially for such serious institutional crimes and treacherous transgressions against the vast majority of service members.

And, you can be sure that this courageous initiative will receive a major show of support from the more than 18 million living veterans in the United States today.

Where this much needed and fully legitimate prosecution will go is anyone’s guess, but you know it will rapidly gain traction nationwide.  After all, it’s quite rare that the highest ranking U.S military officers knowingly and willfully commit crimes against humanity, even after being sued repeatedly not to do so.

Yes, the MIC-controlled Armed Forces wantonly perpetrates war crimes against nations the world over for many decades, but this profound violation of personal sovereignty is different.  Flag officers across the eight federal uniformed services all chose to flagrantly break federal laws and cavalierly contravene the Uniform Code of Military Justice where it concerned their obviously illegal covid ‘vaccine’ mandates.
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