Disturbing DEI link to Boeing 747 plane on fire in the skies above Miami…


from Revolver News:

Recently, the aviation industry has been in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. We’ve witnessed countless high-tech security breaches and alarming incidents of pilots falling ill, or worse, dying suddenly in-flight, along with passengers WWE-brawling in the aisles. Add to that the chaos and mob fights in airports, TSA agents groping and stealing, windows and doors blowing off the planes, and now a creepy and perverted “drag queen” trend is emerging in the industry, spearheaded by United Airlines CEO and cross-dresser Scott Kirby.

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This is Scott Kirby, the CEO of United Airlines:

We’re now faced with yet another alarming “air” incident that unfolded high above the skies of Miami, Florida. An Atlas Air Boeing 747 was literally engulfed in flames mid-flight and looked like some high-octane summer blockbuster movie. The aircraft was seen soaring through the sky with intense flames erupting from it, and the horrific scene was caught on video.

Many people are questioning what the heck is going on with our air travel. And one answer keeps popping up: DEI. The folks in the air travel industry are trading expertise for woke points, and it’s starting to show in some very scary ways. Actually, there’s a strong link between Atlas Air and DEI. First off, it’s part of the company’s mission. Take a look at this:

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