Trump-Carlson Is the Golden Ticket and It’s Not Even Close


from Revolver News:

President Trump has already won the Republican primary by a landslide. No challenger has come remotely close to threatening his dominance. In this cycle, the real race is to be his vice president, and only one candidate for that job will cement President Trump’s legacy as the most consequential president in modern history—Tucker Carlson.

Contrary to conventional wisdom, President Trump doesn’t need a conventional vice president. He doesn’t need someone who will shore up his electoral coalition. Donald Trump is the Republican Party; everyone who doesn’t like it has left. President Trump doesn’t need another Mike Pence. He needs a vice president he can trust, both in this campaign and beyond. He needs someone who will make sure the historic movement he started doesn’t end with him.


All the conventional candidates will betray the president—just like they already have by entering the race against him. They’re freeloaders who don’t offer Trump any value. They want to return Washington to the status quo that President Trump upended. They want to terraform a new swamp.

Sen. Tim Scott and Gov. Kristi Noem tick the demographic boxes consultants love, but they won’t stick by Trump’s side next autumn. They’re career politicians who will follow where the winds blow. They are not reliable, and they don’t have the talent to build on President Trump’s legacy.

Nikki Haley doesn’t have Trump’s back either. When President Trump stares down the legal challenges designed to take him out of the race, Haley will throw her voice in with the liberals working to take him down. She’s out for herself. Getting Trump out of the picture will clear the field for her political ambitions. She will undermine President Trump’s vision at every turn, not build on it.

Tucker Carlson is loyal to President Trump’s person and vision. This, of course, doesn’t mean that Tucker isn’t willing to be critical of Trump’s decisions. It is precisely because of Tucker’s loyalty to Trump’s America First legacy that, at certain times, Tucker would take to his television audience to voice his displeasure (at, say, Trump’s hiring of John Bolton). True loyalty is not only compatible with constructive criticism; it requires it. Contrast this with the seemingly endless line of sycophants salivating at the first opportunity to stick the knife in Trump when it counts. Nobody has denounced the corrupt judicial campaign against President Trump more vocally than Tucker Carlson. Nobody is surer to have his back against the bogus charges filed by rogue prosecutors. Every career politician will turn on him, just like they turned on him when the Access Hollywood tapes dropped. In fact, by the very act of running for president, the current crop of candidates have all tried on Trump’s shoes for size. If they’re playing nice now, it’s because they realize their collective effort to take him out has failed.

With Tucker as his number two, President Trump will have a deputy who can match his ferocious campaign pace—overwhelming the opposition with energy and enthusiasm. The Biden camp, or whoever the Democrats put forward, will not know what hit them. Tucker Carlson has the starpower and charisma to hit the campaign trail hard. President Trump will almost certainly be confined to a courtroom for large swaths of the campaign season. He needs someone who can get out and rally voters on his behalf. None of the others can attract a crowd. They’re politicians, not entertainers.

In Tucker Carlson, President Trump will have a potential successor who can build on his legacy and who forces the establishment to take him seriously in his second term. Without the prospect of continuity, Washington will look at a second Trump term as an inconvenient but temporary obstacle to their plans. Tucker gives President Trump leverage; he ensures that President Trump isn’t written off as a lame duck from his first day in office. And the establishment is almost as afraid of Tucker as they are of Trump. With Tucker as his vice, Trump can play the good cop to Tucker’s bad cop—a negotiating technique President Trump used to great effect, ironically, with John Bolton in his first term.

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