Like A Horror Movie Come To Life, Bludgeoned Americans Are ‘Doom Spending,’ A Dire Warning America Is On The Edge Of The Abyss And The Decay In Washington DC Will Soon Bury Us All


by Stefan Stanford, All News Pipeline:

According to this recent story over at CNBC, a recent poll found nearly ALL Americans concerned about the current state of the economy and the direction our country is headed, with a whopping 96% of those polled being ‘concerned‘ according to Intuit Credit Karma.

Leading to over 25% of those polled carrying out what they called ‘doom spending,‘ that story also warned that ‘young people‘ are particularly dismayed, with the cost of living continuing to go up under Joe Biden while high inflation is making it particularly difficult for ‘Generation Z,’ with over 50% of them claiming the ‘increased cost of living is a barrier to their financial success,‘ according to another survey conducted by the Bank of America.


And while at no point within that story did they blame Joe Biden for America’s economy crumbling, nor did they blame the Democrat party policies we’re seeing leading to absolute disaster in Democrat-run cities from Sea to shining Sea, the mere fact that SO MANY Americans now see ‘the state‘ America and the world are now in is a HUGE sign that things will soon come crashing down all around us.

As Michael Snyder has been reporting in a series of stories over at his website The Economic Collapse the past couple of weeks, we’ve reached a point in time that we’ve long been warned about. Anyone needing any more proof the economic ‘S’ has ‘HTF’ should check out more of his stories.:

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With those seven stories alone from just the past two weeks giving us a great look at what’s now happening to America under Joe Biden and ‘Bidenomics,’ we’ll get the ultimate reality check in the rest of this story below, including a must watch recent interview between Doug Hagmann and Steve Quayle titled “We Won’t Escape The Financial Meltdown That’s Currently Underway.”

With nearly 1/3 of all Americans taking on more and more debt over the past 6 months just to keep their heads above water more proof ‘Bidenomics’ has been an utter disaster for a huge segment of America, while the CNBC story reporting 96% of America are ‘concerned’ over the state of the economy also a sign that the 4% NOT concerned about the ‘fall of America’ are the ‘enemies of America within’ who have hastened the destruction we’re witnessing all around us, as Susan Duclos had reported on ANP on November 28th, even liberal outlet Bloomberg has gotten off of the ‘Bidenomics is working’ bandwagon.

Reporting that the prices of groceries are up at least 25% since January of 2020, with electricity prices also up at least 25% along with rents going up 20%, used car prices climbing 35% and auto insurance in general up another 33%, it’s no wonder that Americans are dissatisfied with the economy, though nowhere near enough Americans are putting the blame where it belongs, squarely on the heads of Joe Biden and the Democrats along with globalists from both parties here in America and around the world.

In the first video at the bottom of this story featuring Steve Quayle along with Doug Hagmann titled “We Won’t Escape the Financial Meltdown That’s Currently Underway” we’re shown how things are now exploding at breakneck speed, with the US govt going more and more in debt, a debt which we and our children and grandchildren will have to pay, and how we’re being rushed full speed ahead into a real life doomsday scenario.

Also warning us how people like George Soros and Klaus Schwab and countless others tied to ‘big government’ and the ‘big pharma mafia’ profited at our pain and expense and are getting away with it,  we’re warned that everything happening now in the financial world all around us, including banks collapsing, massive debts coming due and the absolute corruption of our so-called ‘leaders’ in Washington DC have set America up for the destruction of our country, putting America on a countdown to oblivion.

And with this dire and worsening economy leading to record suicide levels in America in 2022, particularly among older men, being another way that ‘Bidenomics’ has led to the deaths of far too many Americans, remember that while Americans are homeless or starving or in other alarming ways in dire straits, the ‘Biden crime cabal’ is giving away over 350 million dollars of US taxpayer money to house, feed and transport illegal alien invaders while still spending TRILLIONS of US taxpayer dollars upon the military industrial complex and the death, wars and destruction they love to bring to the world.

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