Big Pharma and Big Government link up for a Winter ‘Tripledemic’ sales spree


by Jordan Schachtel, The Dossier:

Triple the vaxxes for the “tripledemic,” for the sake of $cience.

The White House and the corporate media are buzzing about the latest respiratory season, and boy do they have a chock-full of “cures” advertised for the occasion.

On Tuesday, top White House officials met with pharmaceutical executives today, expressing mutual concern with the availability of RSV vaccines for infants and young children.


RSV — which amounts to a mild cold — mortality rates are so low that most studies don’t even bother adding a mortality column. Nonetheless, it’s become the next big scare, with Pharma-Government Health snake oil salesmen fear mongering about sick infants in order to drive demand for new products.

Think of the children!

“Senior administration officials underscored the importance of manufacturers such as Sanofi and AstraZeneca working to meet demand with a sense of urgency as we head into the winter season,” the readout said, adding that “RSV immunization, flu vaccine, and updated COVID-19 vaccines” are a must-have for the coming Winter season.

Yes, they really want you to take three “vaccines” to combat various forms of the sniffles.

And the hype is real.

Search for “Tripledemic” in Google News and you’ll see that the race to scare the compliance into you is on. Check out how many stories have popped up in the past few hours alone:

Nobody gets a mere cold anymore. That’s a thing of the past. No, today, we are always labeled with an ailment that is affixed with an expensive “cure.”

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