Woke Harvard Asks: How Is Homeschooling Becoming Mainstream?


by Dean Bowen, America Outloud:

Since 2020, the exodus from the public school system has continued to be noticed by the elites while the talking heads pontificate on the reasons why. This article states the “rise in innovative schooling is under the microscope.” What type of schooling do they consider innovative? “Parent-operated co-ops, micro-schools, and classical academies.”

I would say these methods of schooling children are not innovative. They are the way education has been achieved for centuries, but now that parents want to take back education from the progressive left, these methods are “innovative.” Call them what you will; the bottom line is they work.

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A recent Harvard University symposium was conducted to determine just how “these emerging models (of education) are moving into the mainstream.” Woke Harvard does not get it. They do not understand why parents would want to leave the public schools and try something so “innovative” as schooling their own children at home. They do not understand how or why such an idea would become “mainstream.”

Bernita Bradley is a parent who understands the how and why. She sat on one of the symposium panels and discussed how the homeschool co-op she founded in Detroit in 2020 continues to thrive. Her homeschool co-op began as a pilot with 12 families. Three years later, the co-op includes 120 families. Bernita says, “We’re just organically growing.”

Families in Detroit are no different from families anywhere else. Their commonality is they simply want their children educated well. Bernita started her co-op because she wanted a proper education for her own daughter, but she now realizes the co-op is not just for her. She now “Sees her mission as training parents to homeschool their own children.”

Bernita talked about her own role in the co-op as now being one of coaching and encouraging parents to give them the confidence they need to lead their families’ educational journey. The co-op has a building available where “parents and students can engage in all sorts of educational activities.”

Bernita speaks for several Detroit families when she says, “Traditional education does not work for our children.” Of course, what she refers to as “traditional” has only been such for the past several decades. In actuality, her homeschool co-op is the true traditional method of schooling children.

Parents are beginning to see this more and more. The woke elites on the left are also beginning to see it. Do they fear they are losing their grip on the educational dominance they have held for many years in the recent past? They should. Their grip is loosening. Parents are taking back education all across America.

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