US Childhood Vaccination Exemptions for School Are at An All-Time High


by Caroline Chang, American Media Periscope:

There are more and more American kindergartner students being exempted from school vaccination requirements this current school year. From the CDC records, for the 2022 – 2023 school year enrollment, vaccination exemptions have hit their highest level ever. This data only includes the parents who are still sending their children to public or private schools. Hence, this data does not include homeschooled children which homeschooling reached over 60% in 2021.

More parents than ever before are questioning the CDC’s routine childhood vaccinations schedule, that they used to automatically accept. This is one of the wonderful things that has come from the COVID-19 vaccine mandates, which harmed and killed so many people in this country and the world.


Political Schism That Backfired

As I wrote in my article, Proof The Government and The CDC Knew That the COVID Shots Were Causing Harm 3 Months After the Rolled Out. This is the same government, knowing the harm and destruction that these shots were causing approved these shots for babies and young children. While several countries, seeing the harm these shots were causing to young adults, had banned these shots for adults under a certain age.

No, not the United States, they approved these deadly shots for infants and toddlers. Then months after they knew that these shots were harmful, Biden and his administration deliberately mandated these deadly shots onto the American workforce.

The Biden administration’s political schism to mandate a bioweapon onto the American public completely backfired on them. Now, more people can see that the COVID shots were never about health, they were only about control and a government depopulation agenda. People are taking back their bodily autonomy, and especially for their children.

In 2021, homeschooling reached an all-time high of over 60% of children being homeschooled. That actually is another blessing that came from the Plandemic unnecessary closing of schools. Much of what happened in 2020 with the Plandemic has turned out to be a huge wake-up call for humanity.

Because of the forced COVID-19 vaccine mandates, now parents are taking a more critical eye on the entire childhood vaccine schedule. Which increased from 26 doses from ages birth to 18 in 1986, to 76 doses from birth to 18 today.

This increase is due to the fact that with the signing of the National Childhood Vaccine Injury 1986 Act pharmaceutical companies are no longer liable for any harm they cause with vaccines. Many parents are just now learning about this illegal, unlawful, unconstitutional 1986 Act for the first time.

I have been sharing the truth about the harm that vaccines are causing loud and clear since my daughter passed away from a vaccine injury, from a vaccine she received 20 years ago, only to attend college. She would never have gotten that vaccine if she was not mandated to get it for college. She passed away 11 months ago from her vaccine injury. I only became aware of what caused her injury in 2020.

Unvaccinated Children Are Far Healthier Than Vaccinated Children

There is overwhelming evidence and proof that unvaccinated children are far healthier than vaccinated children. Many pediatricians have done this study and research, like Dr. Paul Thomas and others. Dr. Paul was striped of his medical license just for being brave and trying to protect children. For speaking up and telling the truth about vaccine injuries. His research results prove that unvaccinated children are FAR healthier than vaccinated children. I am 61 years old, and I may have had one or two vaccines my entire life in the 1960s. I am much healthier than many people I know in their 30s.

I have written several articles on this topic, Why Are They Playing Games, No Debate Is Needed the Evidence Is Clear as Day. In this article, I am questioning why the leaders in the Informed Consent movement are playing games with the CDC and Big Pharma. These leaders are saying they are not Anti-Vaxxers, they just want to see safer vaccines. The truth is that all vaccines are poison and have poison in them. Why would any parent in their right mind want to have poison injected into their child? There is no such thing as a safer poison.

Another article I wrote as a follow-up, Anti-Vaxx Are Fully Informed and Have Common Sense, While Pro-Vaxx Are Clueless to The Truth. This article speaks about the overwhelming evidence that all vaccines are harmful, and truly educated and informed parents will never allow their baby or child to ever be vaccinated. Every baby is born with a God-given natural immunity. That natural immunity is all a child needs. Vaccines not only cause harm to the child, it will also destroy a child’s natural immunity.

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