Joe Biden Is Working To Keep Hamas In Power In Gaza Over The Palestinians Despite Israel’s Sworn Declaration To ‘Wipe Them Off The Face Of The Earth’


by Geoffrey Grinder, Now The End Begins:

A source within the Israeli government told Breitbart News on Tuesday that U.S. President Joe Biden pressure would lead to Hamas surviving the war intact, rather than allowing Israel to destroy Hamas or remove its military and governing capabilities.

What Israel needs to do to Hamas has little to do with retaliation or revenge, emotions have little place on the battle field. Israel needs to permanently dismantle the framework from which Hamas was able to wield control over the Palestinians in Gaza and also in the West Bank. A ceasefire works contrary to this idea, and in fact it gives Hamas time to recalibrate and adjust to the serious blow Israel was dealing to them. A ceasefire with Hamas is actually a death warrant for the Jews and Israel. Either it’s ‘never again’ or it’s not. Which is it?


What happened to Germany and to the German people in the closing days of WWII, utter annihilation, was not produced by the ‘war-mongering’ allies who were carpet-bombing Berlin while committing ‘war crimes’. It was the direct result of the German people giving their support to a fanatical, demonic type of Antichrist who eventually brought destruction to their doorstep in the form of the Allied response to Nazi aggressions. So it is in Gaza with the Palestinians, who have given their support to a fanatical, demonic group of murdering, raping terrorists called Hamas. That is what is responsible for the destruction of Gaza, nothing else. Israel has a choice, they can finish the job or they can wait until Hamas strikes again. Take your pick, it’s really that simple.

Source: Joe Biden Pressure on Israel For Ceasefire Will Leave Hamas Intact and in Power Over Gaza

FROM BREITBARTS NEWS: In recent days, the White House has acknowledged that Israel intends to continue fighting Hamas after the current “pause,” sought by Biden to allow the release of hostages, ends later this week.

“The Israelis have been pretty clear that once the pauses are complete and the hostage exchanges [sic] are over that they intend to continue their military operations against Hamas,” White House adviser John Kirby said on Monday (Israel does not hold “hostages”; it is releasing convicted Palestinian terrorists).

However, the White House is no longer clearly stating that it shares that goal. And the Israeli government privately believes Biden is prepared to tolerate the survival of Hamas, despite the fact that Hamas and other terror groups would see that as a victory.

The reason Israel believes this is Biden’s goal is that the U.S. administration is imposing onerous conditions on the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) regarding its operations in Gaza, such that defeating Hamas has become almost impossible.

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