Stanford University ‘Students for Justice in Palestine’ Issues Insane List of Demands Including Plane Tickets to Gaza


by Mike LaChance, The Gateway Pundit:

The radical group ‘Students for Justice in Palestine’ has chapters at schools all over the country.

At Stanford University in California, the group has issued a list of demands that has to be seen to be believed. One of their demands is that the school provide them with plane tickets to Gaza so that they can go there and grieve properly.


Someone should start a GoFundMe to buy them all one-way tickets.

Twitchy reports:

The Students for Justice for Palestine at Stanford University, along with a couple of other student groups, have sent a letter to the administration demanding that the school “acknowledge and condemn Israel’s ongoing siege on Gaza as an international war crime.” The war crime was sending armed paragliders into Israel to slaughter innocent civilians.

Better yet, the students DEMAND “24/7 counseling by specialists in trauma-related mental support for refugees and immigrant students affected by the ongoing genocide in Gaza and confrontations with military-occupation abuse.” Of course, they demand a safe space and counseling — Standford better find those specialists in trauma-related mental support for refugees…

Students want to school to buy them a round-trip ticket to Palestine so they can grieve properly. How is this possibly the financial obligation of the school?

Round trip tickets? No. One way tickets? No problem.

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