END TIMES MILESTONE: “Disclosure” & “First Contact” Much Closer Than You Think


from State Of The Nation:

Why has the Disclosure ‘project’ turned into such a contrived convoluted clusterf*ck?!

An Open Letter to UFOlogists Worldwide

Good Morning!

Let me introduce myself: My name is Anthony Michael and like many of you I am a life-long UFOlogist and “Alien Researcher”.

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I recently received a forwarded extended essay by the CCRG regarding the burgeoning media reporting around UFOs and Aliens which was also sent to all of you.

Very curious, this UFO/Alien media circus going on right now, yes?

But why now?

Why such an unrelenting barrage of transparent UFO & Alien BS in 2023 — FROM OFFICIALDOM — as never seen before in American history?

Really, why so much obvious disinfo and misinfo, false information and malinformation suddenly spewed across cyberspace by officialdom regarding all things UFO and Alien?!

Well, as a humble armchair researcher over several decades, I believe I can now tell you why.

Actually, full credit goes to the writer of the extended essay that was sent to me linked here: Why has the Disclosure ‘project’ turned into such a contrived convoluted clusterf*ck?!

For anyone who did not read this truly epic and elegant explanation of the true state of affairs within the realm of UFOlogy, let me summarize it as follows:

We are at the end of an era.

The evil aliens were given virtually complete control during this darkest and densest of all the eras (the author calls it the ‘Kali Yuga”).

Now that their time is up, as reflected by the light shining in the darkness as never before, the evil aliens are getting very agitated and angry.

The good aliens, who are quietly assisting with the ushering in of the upcoming “Golden Age”, know that the evil ones will not leave willingly or peaceably.

And, that they will make it as difficult as possible for the inevitable transition to take place smoothly.

Which means that virtually everything we are hearing and reading and witnessing today in this regard is about that epoch-ending war between the good and the evil ETs.

Which is why the US Government only spreads falsehood and forever covers up the truth.  After all, that government was totally captured decades ago by the evil aliens with the lure of being given highly advanced technologies.

Which means that most of what we are witnessing is the never-ending sabotage of the changing of the guard by both Deep State and their evil ET masters. 

Which also means that there is a huge CAVEAT for each and every one of you prominent folks in this movement: You’re either part of the solution … or part of the problem. 

Sorry to say that it appears that many of you are a part of the problem. 

We make no judgment as to why that’s the case, but some of you are clearly not of the light.

So, check yourself.

Are you disseminating bullsh*t with your blogs and vids and podcasts, wittingly or unwittingly, for the dark side? 

Or, are you sharing vital information that will facilitate a divinely-ordained process that cannot be stopped?

Think about it … … … long and hard.

The eminent Patristic philosopher Joseph Farrell might advise us to simply employ Occam’s razor to determine the truth.

Whereas the truth-telling Jack Scafatti might exhort US all to get with the friggin’ truth program … before it’s too late to get out of the way. 

Surely, this rarefied group of Disclosure advocates knows by now that “Disclosure” content and timing both fall squarely within the domain of the Divine.

Hence, the $64,000 question for each and every one of you is: Are you disclosing truth on behalf of the good ETs … or falsehood for the evil ETs?

The insinuation, of course, is that the rapidly evolving government  disinfo campaign and naked psyop is nothing but a last ditch effort to prevent, thwart and/or subvert truthful disclosure any way they can.  Is that the side you want to be on?

So, please, everyone, get with the real “Disclosure” program before you and your cohorts find yourselves in a predicament that you … … …


A Fellow UFOlogist

CCRG Editor’s Note: For those who do not have the time to slog through the many first-time ever released “ET/UFO agenda” details below, here’s the distillation of this extended essay.  There’s a war — A REAL WAR — going on in the heavens right now not too dissimilar from the one happening here on planet Earth.  Throughout the entirety of the present Kali Yuga, the bad ETs have been given supremacy over this third density plane of existence.  That’s why the Kali Yuga is well-known as the “Age of Quarrel” and the “Age of Conflict”.  The evil ETs both create the chaos, confusion and conflict; and then thrive on it as they employ their various Ordo ab Chao stratagems.

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