WEF-Linked Covid Drug Causes Virus to ‘Mutate’ & Spread, Study Finds


by Frank Bergman, Slay News:

A popular antiviral drug used to treat Covid has been found to cause the virus to “mutate” and spread more rapidly, a bombshell new study has revealed.

The drug, Molnupiravir, is produced by German pharmaceutical giant Merck in collaboration with Ridgeback Biotherapeutics.

Belén Garijo, the Chair of the Executive Board and CEO of Merck, is one of the World Econimic Forum’s (WEF) key “Agenda Contributors.”

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The WEF’s agenda has rapidly advanced since the emergence of the Covid pandemic.

The pandemic has also served as a catalyst for WEF founder and chairman Klaus Schwab’s “Great Reset” agenda.

Under the WEF’s agenda, the public will own nothing, live in “15-minute cities,” be prohibited from traveling or owning private vehicles, be banned from eating meat and dairy, live in “cashless societies,” carry mandatory “digital ID,” and live under 24/7 surveillance.

The spread of Covid helped the WEF move toward achieving these goals.

Now a drug produced by WEF Agenda Contributor Garijo’s pharmaceutical company Merck is driving what is being described as “unintended” mutations of Covid and potentially fueling the virus’s spread

On Monday, the Express reported that the researchers behind the new study examined a staggering 15 million Covid sequences to determine how it has mutated over time.

Their findings have caused major cause for concern.

The analysis shows that there were mutations that deviated from the normal pattern of change.

Moreover, the researchers uncovered a disturbing pattern that indicates the cause of these abnormal changes.

They are now raising the alarm after discovering one-third of the mutations were directly linked to individuals who had taken Merck’s Molnupiravir antiviral drug.

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