The Need to Replace the Existing U.S.-Government-Controlled Web


by Eric Zuesse, The Duran:

Here will be explained many mysteries regarding public opinion, including (but not restricted to) this very important one: Whereas Russia is widely condemned for having invaded on 24 February 2022 an adjoining country, Ukraine, a country which has clear importance to Russian national security (as being a potential staging-base for U.S. missiles to be placed there a mere 300 miles away from The Kremlin — a threat to decapitate Russia’s central command too fast for Russia’s leader to authorize a retaliation), and is being severely sanctioned by U.S.-and-allied countries and their media, for having done so; America and some of its allies were not condemned and sanctioned by any countries for having invaded on 20 March 2003 a far-distant country, Iraq, which (in stark contrast to Russia’s 24 February 2022 invasion of Ukraine) had no importance to U.S.-or-allied nations’ national security.


Only lies about “Saddam’s WMD” etc. had asserted to the contrary. But Russia didn’t need any lies in order to invade Ukraine. America and its invading allies weren’t sanctioned even after their invasion of Iraq became widely known to have been based on entirely fraudulent U.S.-and-allied national-security excuses (such as that Iraq was only six months away from having a nuclear bomb). This glaring, and entirely unjustifiable, inequity in public opinion throughout the world (highly prejudiced and propagandized against Russia), is ignored in the news-media, but it demands an explanation, ESPECIALLY because the news-media themselves censor-out the very subject of this inequity. Democracy within nations, and the achievement of peace between nations, are impossible unless this subject — this censorship — is openly and honestly discussed. Because this subject is itself almost universally censored-out, the present article will be presenting the reader with immediate access to key items of its evidence (by means of links to documentation regarding any reasonably questionable allegation herein).

That’s the mystery; the inequity is the mystery; and here is its explanation:


As will be shown here, the U.S. Government controls the Web; and this means that it also indirectly controls the news-media (as is going to be documented here by the evidence that will be linked-to here). This evidence will make clear the extent and the means whereby the U.S. Government is effectively controlling public opinion in all U.S.-&-allied (or vassal) nations, but even to a large extent world-wide outside of the U.S. and its vassal-nations (or colonies, such as are all NATO nations).

Censorship means the death of any democracy, because it enables the controlling owners of news-media, and it enables the Government that those owners also control via their massive political-campaign donations, to control public opinion, and so to shape voting-results and thereby produce ‘democracy’ instead of democracy. Such monopoly control of information to the public, by billionaires, means that every candidate for high public office must choose to serve some billionaires or else will lose the s‘elections’ (selections by billionaires, and then elections by voters from among those selected billionaire-approved nominees). That’s aristocracy (one-dollar-one-vote), instead of democracy (one-person-one-vote).

The U.S. Government (America’s billionaires and their millions of hired agents) currently has monopoly control over the Web (the world-wide web, the publicly available portion of the Internet (which latter includes also private pages, ones that can’t be viewed by the public).

Furthermore, Google has a virtual monopoly on browsing or searching through the Web and was created jointly by the U.S. CIA and Defense Department; so, not only does the U.S. Government (America’s billionaires) directly control the Web, but it indirectly controls the finds on almost all searches of the Web (and the few competitors to Google are even less good than Google is, and moreover aren’t doing anything in order to provide in their finds the Web-pages that Google’s search-algorithms are especially excluding from their finds). The full extent of U.S. Government censorship will be documented here: specific censorship-actions by the U.S. Government and its hired agents, will be linked-to so that the reader can see them for oneself. (Consequently, this article, which is being submitted free to all news-media, will be published by few if any of them, and the reader is therefore urged to pass this article along, to others.)

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