As the US Military Goes Woke, China Could Surpass It Sooner Than Expected…


by Doug Casey, International Man:

Did you know the US Army missed its recent recruiting goal by 25% or 60,000 new soldiers?

It’s the worst recruiting crisis for the Pentagon since the end of the draft in 1973.

Even families with military backgrounds, typically the source of most recruits, are becoming less inclined to endorse military life.


Polls have shown an overly politicized military leadership and woke training programs and policies as the main reason for the steep drop.

For instance, critical race theory has embedded itself in the US military.

This includes spreading racial narratives that erode unit cohesion, classes on anti-racism, training against so-called radicalization, barring white service members from specific diversity training sessions, and the deliberate silencing of opposing viewpoints, among other policies.

West Point has introduced a minor in “Diversity and Inclusion,” while the Naval Academy provides courses that focus on themes related to “critical race theory” and “intersectionality.”

The US Air Force has even held recurring drag shows.

As part of this year’s “Pride” celebration, the Department of Defense trumpeted the story of a transgender soldier on social media.

These are just a tiny—but illustrative—set of examples of how the US military has embraced woke values.

It should be no surprise that fewer people want to participate in this Neo-Marxist nonsense while potentially taking orders from a man pretending to be a woman, subjecting themselves to the latest vaccine mandate, all while possibly dying, losing a limb, or getting PTSD from foreign wars that have nothing to do with where they come from.

Along the same lines, the US military is making a concerted effort to reduce its reliance on hydrocarbons not because it improves its capabilities but for political reasons—to appease the climate hysterics.

However, so-called green alternatives—like electric vehicles and batteries—are not really green. They require rare strategic metals that are dirty to mine.

It also increases the US military’s dependency on China because Beijing dominates the production of the components that go into so-called green technologies. They’re also more expensive and less reliable than hydrocarbons as a power source.

In short, by embracing green and woke policies, the US military is in a self-inflicted steep decline. It’s an internal cultural rot that shows no sign of reversing as it hollows out what was once a formidable fighting force.

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