The Demise of White Americans


by Paul Craig Roberts, Paul Craig Roberts:

As I recently explained, American universities are far more committed to creating an incompetent society consisting of a Tower of Babel than they are to creating well educated citizens that the society needs.  For decades American universities have discriminated against white applicants of merit in favor of less capable “preferred minorities.  This is called “white privilege.”

To accommodate the influx of unqualified preferred minorities, the universities that had high standards had to lower them, so the final product is less capable than prior to the “affirmative action” era.  This is not to say that all racially-favored applicants are stupid. It is to say that the emphasis on skin color as the basis of admission resulted in many graduates being below the previous standard.  


After more than a half century, the racial discrimination against white meritorious candidates was ruled unconstitutional recently by the Supreme Court.  I agree with Heather Mac Donald that the Court’s ruling means little as the university administrations are simply moving from the use of any objective admission tests to purely subjective tests in which the race of the applicant is read from the subjective responses.  Perhaps the white meritorious candidates who would be rejected will learn to mimic in their responses those of the preferred people of color.

But the issue is not only unequal racial treatment in university admissions. The much larger problem is that American universities value race over merit and prefer a non-meritorious society to the United States Constitution.  This is the general problem of all US institutions, not only universities and public schools, which are degenerating into indoctrination centers against the white majority, but also of corporations, such as Starbucks that discriminates against white Americans in hiring and promotion, and Democrat legislators, governors, mayors, judges and prosecutors who believe that blacks should be punished less, if at all, than whites for the same crimes. San Francisco and other Democrat-misruled cities, even permit blacks to steal $950 dollars from stores without being charged.  The $950 limit is not a one-time life limit.  It is a one-time limit per incident.  The black thief can steal $950 each time. In other words, the black can hit 8 different stores hourly and get away with 8 times $950 daily, or $7,600 for an eight-hour day.  Of course, the black has to sell at a discount.  Still, permissible robbery from legitimate business is the best job available.  Scores of stores have closed in San Francisco and now Gump’s is threatening to leave.   

It is paradoxical that the disregard by Democrats of the 14th Amendment, passed in order to give equality under the law to blacks, and the perversion by the EEOC of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, passed to give statutory enforcement to the 14th Amendment, are the consequence of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, the implementation of which by the EEOC’s green light to racial quotas violated the statutory language of the Act. What was legislated in order to give equal protection to blacks now denies equal protection to whites.  This is called “white privilege.” For the full story, see my book, The New Color Line.

We are already experiencing the consequences of a non-merit based society.  The quota-admitted and quota-hired black prosecutors of Trump in New York and Atlanta have brought prosecutions based on no known laws and have no evidence except the insinuations of the presstitutes, which are designed to convict Trump in the media prior to trial as was done with police officer Chauvin.  The constant media propaganda against Trump, aside from the anti-Trump biases of the jury that will be chosen, mean that jurors, including black ones, will be too terrified of retribution from media, Black Lives Matter, Antifa, President Biden, and Woke Harvard law professors to find Trump innocent, just as they ignored the massive evidence that cleared police officer Chauvin. In highly politicized cases, the purpose of a jury is to protect themselves.

So much for justice in America.  It simply no longer exists, especially for the white majority.  In America today, Colorado courts do not permit a cake baker to refuse to bake a cake he doesn’t want to bake.  This is called freedom. 

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