Hunter Biden laptop contents published online by anonymous source, Jack Maxey confirms


by Maike Hickson, LifeSite News:

Thousands of copies are being downloaded every day, making the content available to governments and journalists worldwide and bypassing attempts of the major media corporations to keep the information from the public.

(LifeSiteNews) — According to journalist and historian Jack Maxey, an anonymous source has published to the internet everything contained on the Hunter Biden laptop, including the part of the laptop that had been deleted by Hunter Biden but was recovered last year by Maxey and his team in Switzerland.


Maxey himself had nothing to do with this publication of the laptop contents and only learned of it after the fact.

Maxey, a graduate from Yale University, is a former co-host of Steve Bannon’s War Room show and now is a member of LifeSite’s Faith & Reason show. He has been in possession of the laptop since October 2019 and has tried to bring some of its troubling content to the attention of the American public and to U.S. lawmakers and law enforcement.

Maxey’s latest findings were that Hunter Biden and his team actually were connected with CIA-funded organizations such as In-Q-Tel and Metabiota, the latter of which was involved in the Wuhan lab, the most probable place of the coronavirus leak in 2019.

Since the anonymous publication of the laptop a few days ago, thousands of copies are being made every day, thereby making the content of the Biden corruption files available to governments and journalists worldwide.

It is to be expected that the leak will effectively bypass the ongoing attempts of the major media corporations in the world to silence much of the content of the laptop.

Maxey told LifeSite during a July 9 phone call that he has been alerted by a contact of the laptop’s publication. The anonymous source used the tool, with the help of which a file can be downloaded. This screenshot gives a glimpse into how many different countries are currently downloading the laptop files:

For legal reasons, LifeSite cannot provide the link, but has seen it.



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