Tucker’s Back! In Triumphant Return, Demolishes Ukraine Dam Propaganda, Massacres MSM For Ignoring UFO ‘Bombshell Of The Millennium’


from ZeroHedge:

Tucker Carlson unveiled Episode 1 of his ‘Tucker on Twitter’ adventure  – which gained 10 million views in just over two hours – and the topic du jour is simple; government propaganda and the lying liars that spew it.

His jumping off point is the bombing of the Kakhova dam… by Putin himself, if you believe the western media because ‘he is evil and evil people do evil things… even to themselves’ (despite the detailed explanation below of why that is simply farcical).

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By way of background, and helping explain why it absolutely, positively, without doubt must have been Putin that blew up the dam </sarc> Antiwar.com’s Kyle Anzalone notes that the dam was built by the USSR during the 1950s and, for over a year, has sat on the frontlines of the war in Ukraine. It is nearly 100 feet tall and over 10,000 feet wide. The dam was constructed as a hydroelectric power plant and created the Kakhovka Reservoir, which is over 2,000 sq km. Europe’s largest nuclear power plant – the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant (ZNPP) and the Crimean Peninsula receive water from the reservoir.

The attack on the dam will impact a core Russian concern in Ukraine. Through the 250-mile-long Northern Crimean Canal, the Kakhovka Reservoir feeds water to the peninsula that Moscow annexed in 2014. Before the invasion of Ukraine, the Kremlin regularly issued demands to Kiev that irrigation systems supplying water to Crimea remain open.

But you should believe it was Putin, as Carlson explains:

“You’ve got to be lied to over a period of years to reach conclusions like that…and of course, we have been…”

Carlson then took the media to task for ignoring yesterday’s “bombshell of the millennium,’ in which a government whistleblower revealed that craft developed by non-human intelligence has been recovered by governments around the world in an 80-year race to reverse engineer materials for geopolitical advantages.

Carlson’s concluding thoughts are a good reminder of reality:

“…if you are wondering why our country seems so dysfunctional, this is a big part of the reason – nobody knows what’s happening. A small group of people control access to all relevant information and the rest of us… don’t know. We’re allowed to yap all we like about something like racism… but dare to talk about something that really matters and go ahead and see what happens... you keep it up, they’ll make you be quiet – trust us… that’s how they maintain control.

Watch below:

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