The War Upon ‘The Family’ And The Planned Extermination Of Humanity Are Accelerating With US Cities Showing The Devastation Of Democrat Policies While Millions Die Prematurely


by Alan Barton, All News Pipeline:

As Monty Python puts it; “and now for something completely different”.  (Note the hyperlink to the 1971 trailer of that movie.)  This was one of those columns where I started out with an idea and it got completely turned around by the time I was ready to assemble the parts of it, but that is OK because this one is a bit easier to handle.  And as this being a holiday as writing begins, and with the noisy ones out of the house for a little bit, perhaps we can concentrate on it better now.  We began by searching for safest places in the US to live, including FEMA and others ideas, and came across a bunch of stories about a year and a half ago on their ideas but noted that it was primarily on natural disasters and the likelihood of problems from them from floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, earthquakes and more as well as useable escape routes and so forth.  I initially planned on including violence (riots, crime), safety from nuclear fallout whether from war or power plant meltdown, accessibility of life sustenance items (water, food, shelter et.), ease of escape from them and items of that nature to determine the safest places to live.


In my research for the planned column I ran across a few stories that slowly changed my ideas on it starting with one that headlines “America’s Most Dangerous Cities: Part 1- Crime has Increased by 50% In Recent Years” and went on to Part 2 covering a few selected cities.  In it the author Dave Jefferson said “It’s difficult to believe that a little over 100 years ago not only did people rarely if ever lock their doors in the United States many houses didn’t even have locks on the doors” and notes the continuous climb in crime rates over the past century plus.  More recently the author did a story on FEMA calculating the more risky cities and seems to conclude that no matter where you live; there are some kind of major risks of some sort no matter where you land.

A smattering of recent headlines describes much the same picture.  One story titled “Philadelphia: Horrific footage Shows Devastation of Democrat Ruin” and includes a few video clips that look as if they could have been shot in LA, San Francisco, Portland, New York or many other major cities.  The first graphic that opened this column came from that article and they state “When a people are too bamboozled or lazy or stupid to vote out the destroyers, they are punished. Sadly, they are taking us all down with them….. This isn’t the third world; this is one of America’s once great citiesDemocrats destroy everything.”  Yes, they are heartbreaking video clips, and the obvious drug problems and moral and physical filth is astounding, but then that is the case in cities all over this once great nation with Marxists in control of them.  One of those videos can be seen on this Twitter link.  The New York Post did a story on Philadelphia and called it the “Trank Epidemic” (the drug Xylazine) referring to the drug culture the left pushes.

The Gateway Pundit noted that “While American citizens are suffering under the disastrous Biden administration’s porous border policy, illegals continue to receive better resources than many of our homeless veterans, children aging out of foster care and other Americans in need” the mayor “bends over backwards to roll out the welcome mat for illegals” while the taskforce designated to take care of this problem is a complete failure in all respects.  Except, perhaps, in them spending the allocated funds without any benefit which suggests yet more grift.  With the massive army of many millions of criminal invaders with many of them in New York taking over the hotels and evicting the veterans housed there, “it is absolutely outrageous that homeless veterans would be displaced to alleviate New York City’s migrant crisis,” said Republican Congressman Mike Lawler” I find it difficult to imagine why there has not been some very violent protests – at least not yet.

And at the same time there have been many reports of major stores leaving the worst of those cities already, such as Wal-Mart closing 20 retail stores across the nation this year in cities like Chicago, Atlanta, DC, Portland, Milwaukee and more.  And as the democrat run cities allow more and more crime to go unpunished allowing crime to explode there are going to be more and more stores closing in leftist hell holes.  Corporations can only take so much theft and other crime to destroy their profit margins before they must close them down which hurts the good people that may still be left in them for whatever reason.  Even McDonalds is closing many stores for subpar performance or so they say.  Ah, the joys of an imbecile in the White House are enormous.  But even the Feds are not immune as the US Post Office is closing mail delivery in parts of Seattle because of massive increases in crime.  One tweet published in that story says “Target reports $500 million in theft, Walmart closes 23 stores just to name a few! Inflation an theft hits retailers hard. Cracker Barrel and REI have fled Portland! In Seattle the POST OFFICE stopped delivering in one postal zip code due to crime. This continues across the country in Blue states! When have we ever seen this complete disregard for law and order in our country? Do Democrats ever recognize their own stupidity and polices?

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