STOP SINGING! National anthem rendition by children deemed ‘protest’


from WND:

Review underway after police halted choir that had gotten permission to perform

A rendition of America’s national anthem by a children’s choir at the U.S. Capitol was deemed a “protest” by police and stopped, just after the words “In God is our trust.”

report from Next News Network described the move by Capitol Police against the children “astonishing.”


“An unbelievable case of censorship took place when the esteemed Rushingbrook Children’s Choir was silenced by Capitol Police in the middle of singing the National Anthem at the United States Capitol,” the report said. “Despite having prior approval from Congress members, the police deemed their performance as a form of protest, sparking outrage and concern among citizens and lawmakers.”

The report explained the noted group had been given permission to sing in Statuary Hall by members of Congress, including Russell Fry, Joe Wilson, and William Timmons.

But the Star Spangled Banner abruptly was halted on orders of police.

“According to the police, singing the national anthem could be considered offensive or provoke conflict,” the report said.

Matthew Leys, a choir supporter, warned in the report, “When you need a permit to sing your National Anthem in your nation’s Capitol, something’s gone wrong.”

report at the Gateway Pundit said, “The abrupt interruption stunned the young performers, the choir director, and the assembled audience.”

A difference performance by the choir:

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