Pending U.S. Congressional Resolutions to Initiate WW III


by Eric Zuesse, The Duran:

I conclude from the evidence that will here be presented, that a well-coordinated plan appears to be forming within the U.S. Government, first, to choke-off and thoroughly censor-out from U.S.-and-allied news-media any information that might reduce the willingness of their publics to support going to a full-fledged all-out war against Russia and/or China; second, to commit the U.S. Government to demanding nothing less from Russia than capitulation to Ukraine, and for the U.S. to invade Russia if Russia refuses to do that; third, for the U.S. to supply to Ukraine the means and training to destroy Europe’s largest nuclear-power plant, which is in a Russian-controlled part of Ukraine, and thereby to cause a release of radiation from it which will immediately be blamed on Russia, so that the U.S. Government will then invade Russia in order to ‘protect’ Europe against Russia; and, fourth, for NATO ultimately to expand also into the Asia and Pacific region, in order to defeat China.


The authority for each of the allegations in this article is its sources that can immediately be seen and checked by simply clicking onto the relevant link in the article:

There are a number of proposed new laws (called “Bills”) that are pending in the U.S. Congress for the U.S. Government to initiate WW III — a nuclear invasion against Russia and/or China.

BILL #1:

On April 6th, I headlined “How the U.S. Government Is Now Secretly Instituting Martial Law”, and reported that:

The U.S. Congress is now about to pass into law something called “The Restrict Act” that is being promoted as aiming to empower the Government to protect children from being influenced by foreign “adversaries” but would basically enable the Government to control all media in order to protect everyone in America from having access to allegations that come from a “foreign adversary” which it defines as “any foreign government or regime determined by the Secretary, pursuant to sections 3 and 5, to have engaged in a long-term pattern or serious instances of conduct significantly adverse to the national security of the United States or the security and safety of United States persons.” (All of the clauses in that determination are judgmental on the part of that “Secretary,” not necessarily based upon any proofs or even on any allegations about facts — and not at all based upon the finding by any court or by any independent scientific body.) This dictate, that there will be censorship against the “foreign adversary,” will be targeted against, but not be limited only to, the following countries, which are specifically identified as being “foreign adversaries,” in this Act to be passed by Congress and signed by President Biden (if that happens): China, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Russia, and Venezuela. Those 6 countries are specifically named as being “foreign adversaries,” but the Act also allows the “Secretary” to add others that are, as yet, unidentified. (The Act specifically names Venezuela’s leader as being the reason why that country is on that list of 6 — essentially as being targeted by the U.S. for regime-change. Each of the other 5 countries on it is a “foreign adversary” irrespective of the identity of any of its leaders.)

Without Congress having to comply with the section of the U.S. Constitution that requires a congressional passage of a declaration of war in order for the President to be authorized to order U.S. troops to invade a foreign country, this Act, if it becomes passed into law, will already institute martial law of strict censorship to prevent, in America, whatever the “Secretary” declares to be allegations from a “foreign adversary” to be published or publicized in the United States. The result, of course, will then be that the U.S. Government will be legally enabled to censor-out and ban whatever the U.S. Government wants to ban, and will need only to claim that the information that is being banned comes from a “foreign adversary.” …

BILL #2:

On May 3rd I headlined “Pending U.S. Congressional Resolution on War Against Russia”, and opened:

The Ukraine Victory Resolution, which was introduced in the House of Representatives and U.S. Senate on April 25th, now appears likely to become passed in both houses of the Congress and signed into law by President Joe Biden. The Resolution says that, “It is the policy of the United States to see Ukraine victorious against the invasion and restored to its internationally recognized 1991 borders,” which means that unless Russia will return to Ukraine all of the land that it now is controlling within what had been the 1991 borders of Ukraine (Crimea, Donbass, Kherson, and Zaporizhia), America will declare war against Russia. …

In a separate article on the same day, I headlined about “The Pending WW III Resolution in Congress to Defend Ukraine Against Russia”, reporting that:

On April 25th, House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Rep. Joe Wilson (SC-02) and Ranking Member Rep. Steve Cohen (TN-09) introduced the Ukraine Victory Resolution in the House of Representatives. Then, U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal (CT) and Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (RI), along with Sen. Lindsey Graham (SC), introduced the same resolution in the Senate. It states that U.S. policy is to assure Ukraine’s victory against the Russian invasion, and that, if Ukraine fails to defeat Russia there, then the U.S. Government will guarantee that Russia will be defeated in Ukraine.

It is not yet a formal U.S. declaration of war against Russia, but commits the U.S. to going to war against Russia if Russia wins its war in Ukraine. In other words: it says that there will be WW III if Russia wins in Ukraine. If this Resolution becomes U.S. law, then there will be only two possibilities: either Ukraine will defeat Russia in Ukraine, or else America will go to war against Russia thereby producing WW III.

Original cosponsors of the resolution in the House of Representatives also include: Mike Lawler (NY-17), Richard Hudson (NC-09), Emanuel Cleaver (MO-05), Brian Fitzpatrick (PA-01), Sheila Jackson Lee (TX-18), Mike Quigley (IL-05), Doug Lamborn (CO-05), Bill Pascrell (NJ-08), Maria Elvira Salazar (FL-27), Brendan Boyle (PA-02), Lloyd Doggett (TX-37), Deborah Ross (NC-02), Jim Costa (CA-21), David Trone (MD-06), Joe Morelle (NY-25), Susan Wild (PA-07), and Marcy Kaptur (OH-09).

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