Oregon Liberals Risk an Ugly Legacy as Another County Joins ‘Greater Idaho’ Movement


by Mike Landry, The Gateway Pundit:

Here’s a solution for Oregon residents suffering from bad government in their state — just leave. And take much of Oregon with you.

A thirteenth Oregon county will be voting on a citizens’ resolution to escape Oregon liberalism and join the state of Idaho, KTVZ reported.

Voters in Crook County, Oregon, will participate in advisory balloting next May, joining a dozen other counties in the state which have already approved starting the steps to attach eastern Oregon to Idaho.

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It’s part of the Greater Idaho movement, whose website states the current Oregon-Idaho line, set 163 years ago, “is now outdated.”

Also on Wednesday, the Wallowa County Clerk ruled that results on the Greater Idaho question on the ballot in that county were too close to require a recount, so the measure was deemed passed.

Instead of county commissioners, some Oregon counties are overseen by a “county court” which consists of a judge and a pair of county commissioners. Seth Crawford is county judge of Crook County and he said the boundary vote is “100 percent” advisory.

Crawford said he has always wanted “to have people weigh in” on the boundary question.

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