More Americans Now Preparing For Doomsday: 70% Of Those Surveyed, ‘Do Not Have Faith In The Govt’ In The Event Of Catastrophe Or Disaster


by Susan Duclos, All News Pipeline:

There are a number of new “preppers” in every state, according to a recent survey by BonusFinder, which found 70% of 6,200 said they “do not have faith in the government,” to be there for them in the event of a disaster or catastrophic event.

What is the “doomsday” scenario that first convinced you to start prepping?

That is the question asked to the respondents of the survey, and the answers give us insight into who is readying themselves for doomsday, and why.


Just what that disaster will be is dividing the nation. Some 55% cited climate change, 36% virus and disease, and 25% a nuclear attack. But there were other concerns. Over 15% are concerned about an asteroid strike, 15% about a robot or artificial intelligence “takeover,” and 7.5% about a “zombie apocalypse.”


This tells us that for those looking to survive after a doomsday event, will include the global warming crowd, and those preparing for the zombie apocalypse.


The survey confirms concerns charted over the years by Secrets that more Americans are fearful about an attack that will cut off power and make food and water scarce, such as from an electromagnetic pulse attack from Russia, China, Iran, or North Korea. A congressional report said just one EMP attack knocking out power to the East Coast would lead to the deaths of 90% who live there.


The original BonusFinder survey claims to describe the “U.S. States with the best odds of surviving,” but for those us that have been reporting and discussing prepping for more than a decade, it isn’t “states” that will survive or die, it is the populace of those states.

The survey does show us which states could have the most preppers residing within, giving them the best chance of finding likeminded individuals or even communities to barter with, join, or share information with.

Quick Facts:

• 40 million people thinks doomsday could be coming in a year.

• 108 million have spent up to $5,000 to get ready for catastrophic events that don’t quite qualify as “doomsday.”

• Half of the residents in a handful of states, led by West Virginia and Arizona, have spent over $10,000 preparing for the worst. The leading purchases are for water, warm clothing, and food. Some 20% even bought pet food.

• Those aged 40-65 are more likely to be prepping, and twice as many men as women are getting ready for a disaster.

• 45% said they have attempted to master foraging, 32% are learning to purify water, and 15% have learned to start fires.

• 10% have put cash away, but it made it sound like dollars might be worthless versus food and material items.

Note: Immediately after any event that fits the description of catastrophic, cash will still be useful, but depending on the level of severity of the event, cash could soon be rendered useless, so precious metals will likely be used for trade.

Never use all you have for it, because food and water are far more important, but if able, pick up some gold and silver here and there so you are ready for the dollar to become worthless.

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