Is this Germany’s way to repeat Hitler’s ‘Operation Barbarossa’?


by Eric Zuesse, The Duran:

A report from Carl J. Burckhardt, High Commissioner of the League of Nations, on his meeting with Adolf Hitler on August 11, 1939, quoted Hitler as saying to him, “Everything I undertake is directed against Russia. … I need the Ukraine, and with that no one can starve us out.”

Hitler’s 1925 book Mein Kampf said that “If land was desired in Europe, it could be obtained by and large only at the expense of Russia, and this meant that the new Reich must again set itself on the march along the road of the Teutonic Knights of old, to obtain by the German sword sod for the German plow and daily bread for the nation.” In the light of what he later said to Burckhardt, a large portion of that “daily bread for the nation” was to be coming from Ukraine. He was determined to conquer both countries.


Hitler’s 1928 Second Book said: “If the importance of the American Union thus lay in the size of the population alone, or else in the size of the territory, or in the relation in which this territory stands to the size of the population, then Russia would be at least as dangerous for Europe. … It would never occur to anybody to fear a Russian hegemony over the world for this reason. No such inner value is attached to the number of the Russian people, so that this number could become a danger for the freedom of the world. At least never in the sense of an economic and power political rule of the other parts of the globe, but at best in the sense of an inundation of disease bacilli which at the moment have their focus in Russia.” So: he regarded “the Russian people” as a threat only because of their “disease bacilli.”

To him, Russians were an inferior people, who deserved to be slaves of Germans, if not to be killed and replaced by Germans (and he did have that in mind for his “Lebensraum”). In some ways, he placed Russians even inferior to Jews: “Presentday Russia or, better said, presentday Slavdom of Russian nationality, has received as master the Jew, who first eliminated the former upper stratum, and now must prove his own Stateforming power. In view of the endowment of Jewry, which after all is only destructive, it will operate even here only as the historical ferment of decomposition.” And this: “It is a quite understandable process if Jewry has taken over the leadership of all areas of Russian life with the Bolshevik revolution, since by itself and out of itself Slavdom is altogether lacking in any organising ability and thereby also in any Stateforming and Statepreserving power. Take away all the elements which are not purely Slavic from Slavdom, and it will immediately succumb to disintegration as a State.”

So: his contempt for Russians was extreme, even apart from his contempt for Jews. But who defeated Hitler? Was it the Americans (whom he considered to be the strongest Folk and his biggest fear)? No. Was it the Jews (whom he considered the most toxic and (as indicated in his private notes in September 1919 when he decided to enter politics) possessed by — descended from — Satan himself? No. It was instead the Russians, who defeated Hitler. That defeat added insult to injury, and he then, right before he killed himself, wrote out a final note to the German people, which closed by saying that “before everything else I call upon the leadership of the nation and those who follow it to observe the racial laws most carefully, to fight mercilessly against the poisoners of all the peoples of the world, international Jewry.” By “racial laws” and “international Jewry” he was obliquely referring to the extermination-program, which was against “Jews” in all countries. So, that was his top target, even more than Russians.

He made it clear in his Second Book, that he considered Americans the most formidable, other than his own pureblooded “Aryans” (supposedly descended 100% from Adam and Eve in Paradise but then became poisoned by Satan and his descendants, the Jews, as he viewed this in 1919).

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