The Durham Report; Doing What’s Right Instead of What’s Easy


by Tom Renz, Esq., America Outloud:

I’ve been finding myself speaking frequently about integrity and how few people have it in today’s society. We have to continue to do what’s right, as opposed to just what’s easy. My entire life, I have always had a deep desire to fight injustice; I’ve always stood up to bullies and fought to right wrongs, even as a kid. I was never someone who could sit back and say and do nothing. God has put me on this path since I was a young man, and when people ask me what I do, the best way to describe it is, I am an anti-corruption attorney and an activist.

The Federalist put out a great piece on the recently published Durham report titled, “Don’t Miss The Most Damning Durham Finding.” The author, Margot Cleveland, did a great job of highlighting the important aspects of this 306-page Durham report. In Durham’s introductory comments, he states that he “does not recommend any wholesale changes in the guidelines and policies.”


You might ask how, after 306 pages of detailed evidence of corruption in the highest offices of our nation, can he make such a statement? The issue comes from the lack of integrity in nearly every position of power. We are at a point where changing policies isn’t going to solve our problems; we need courageous leadership. Justice comes down to the integrity of the people who have sworn an oath to defend our country and represent we the people. Unfortunately, corruption has taken over Washington, and the overwhelming lack of integrity found in our public officials is destroying our country.

We need Trump in 2024, and we need him to completely start over as soon as he is back in office. This systemic corruption that’s taken over our society must be fought head-on, and the best way to do it is to bring back Christian principles.

Not long ago, our children were educated in churches, and we were taught foundational principles of right and wrong. Is it all that surprising to see how far we’ve fallen? We’ve taken God out of our society and lost our moral core, we’ve let corruption in, and now we have to deal with the consequences. I’ve had many conversations with elected officials all over our country who tell me they can’t do anything to fight back due to politics. They can’t fight the lobbyists, and they can’t stand up to the corruption for fear of never being reelected.

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