The bank failures have only just begun… PREPARE OR PERISH… Mike Adams interviews precious metals expert David Morgan


by Mike Adams, Natural News:

The bank runs have only just begun. By the end of this year, the cascading collapse of the US banking system will become even more frantic, and the false promises of claiming “everything’s fine” will be overrun by the fearful shouts of the newly panicked masses who foolishly believed government lies yet again.

(Yes, the people oblivious enough to leave their fiat dollars in the banking system are largely the very same people who kept taking covid “vaccine” depopulation booster shots.)


While economically illiterate Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen promises America that some banks will be bailed out at any cost, precious metals expert David Morgan is warning Americans to diversify their assets away from centrally-controlled banks and dollars. Throughout history, gold and silver have outlasted the rise and fall of hundreds of civilizations and fiat currencies, and this time will be no different.

History is, predictably, repeating itself. We’ve seen this fall before, and each time, dishonest government officials tell us everything’s fine, right up until the day the collapse becomes too obvious to deny. Of course, by that time, the assets of the citizenry have been destroyed, and in-the-know government officials will have diverted whatever loot they can confiscate to their own padded pockets through a variety of means: Precious metals, crypto, new currencies and more.

Today’s Brighteon Broadcast News reveals the big picture about the accelerating collapse of western financial institutions and the impending collapse of the fiat currency dollar. Here’s what you’ll learn in today’s broadcast (video below):

– RFK, Jr. says he will never team up with Trump
– Will Trump ever see the mistake in teaming up with Pfizer and Operation Warp Speed?
– Vitamin D research shows it PREVENTS cancer tumors from growing, especially if people take it earlier
– Why the cancer industry wants to irradiate more women’s breasts EARLIER than ever… to cause more cancer
– Why CRYPTO is money, and how mature crypto (emerging tech) has special properties that give it intrinsic value
– How properties like anonymity, non-confiscatability, portability, speed of transfer, etc., add VALUE to crypto
– Full interview with David Morgan on gold, silver, crypto and more bank collapses yet to come
– Full interview with Dr. Deborah Mash, who is championing a natural molecule as an effective addiction treatment drug





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