Patrick Byrne Drops Damning Article About Smartmatic


by JD Rucker, Discern Report:

Overstock founder Patrick Byrne has been fighting to expose massive, widespread voter fraud since the stolen 2020 election. His latest efforts point to an article from Venezuela of all places that highlights the corruption within Smartmatic, a company that has been at the heart of election scandals… at least it would be if our corporate media did its job.


At least one outlet in Venezuela is still trying to get to the truth.

Here’s Byrne’s thread, which he translated and which we’re posting here in its entirety for easier reading:

BRAVE REPORTERS EXIST… IN VENEZUELA: Smartmatics’ owners = Chevron + PDVSA (corrupt Venezuelan oil firm/$3 trillion cartel slushfund). “The PDVSA papers | Why did Smartmatic share an address in Amsterdam with a mixed company of Petróleos de Venezuela?”

EXTRACT: “The fingerprint capture system is unique in the world and was created maliciously and at overpriced prices by Jorge Rodríguez. Its maker, Cogent System, provides services to the CIA, FBI and police to capture criminals and terrorists.

“Diosdado Cabello, without dissimulation, reminds from time to time that there is no way to escape fingerprint scanners, the key to ensuring Maduro’s re-election.” EXTRACT COMPLETE

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In November 2006, Hugo Chávez pointed out on television that the new Secretary of Defense of the United States, Robert Gates, former director of the CIA, had been part of the board of directors of SAIC, a multinational company that advises the information systems of Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA). ). SAIC was expelled from the country accused by President Chávez of espionage at the service of the CIA. SAIC’s departure caused the accounting, marketing and control systems to collapse.

In June 2004 (he was not yet president of the CNE, but he knew he would be) Jorge Rodríguez met in Mexico with the directors of two companies that provide security services to the CIA, the FBI, and the United States Department of Domestic Security. . Rodríguez unofficially approved a proposal from these companies that the CNE would officially validate a few days later. The businessmen from Cogent Systems and Gilat had traveled from Los Angeles. Rodríguez did not want to meet them on American soil because he wanted to make believe that Cogent Systems was an Asian company because the CEO is called Ming Hsieg. However, Ming Hsieg is a pure-blooded American who enjoys the confidence, as we have seen, of the cream of the intelligence services of “Yankee imperialism”.

What was the most hysterically anti-imperialist government on the planet doing expelling an accounting firm for espionage and at the same time negotiating with two CIA and FBI contractors? As usual. In every Bolivarian equation, two factors are unalterably present: the patriotic/revolutionary stridency and dollars, many dollars, millions of dollars. Back in Venezuela, Rodríguez announced the purchase of 12,000 fingerprint readers manufactured by Cogent Systems and transmitted by Gilat via satellite.

Rodríguez signed the Memorandum ORP-101/2004 with which the fingerprint scanners were approved. Shrewd psychiatrist convinced that his specialty offers him an exceptional ability to manipulate or deceive and get away with it.

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