Invisibility: Increasing OPSEC – Part 2


by St. Funogas, Survival Blog:

(Continued from Part 1.)


An anonymous LLC is the most important tool available to ensure no one can connect your name to your physical address and provides other benefits as well. Using an online agent LLC’s are quick and easy to obtain with some starting as low as $99. Don’t be intimidated by “LLC,” it’s something lots of us non-business little guys have and they’re useful in many ways once you understand how they work.


Why an LLC? There are many reasons as discussed below but the biggest reason is that all county courthouses in the US maintain publicly accessible land-ownership records. In the hallway of my county courthouse is a large map showing who owns every tract of land in the county. With an LLC, the LLC name is shown on the map and in the deed books, not the owner’s name. The deed books at the county recorder’s are searchable and I used them to research the ownership of my current property back to the early 1800s.

Not just any LLC will work. The only way to be absolutely certain your property is not connected with your name in any way is to title it using a New Mexico LLC. Wyoming and a few other states offer “anonymous” LLCs but they’re not fully anonymous. While the LLC owner is anonymous to the public, the state and the Feds still know the name and address of the LLC owner. New Mexico LLCs are superior to all others because no name or address of the owner is attached to the LLC in any way. Not even the state knows who the owner is, just the agent’s name. This link can explain some of the differences between the four states which have anonymous LLCs.

There are various websites which will do everything to set up your New Mexico LLC. All you do is fill out a few papers and you’re good to go, they’ll do the rest. New Mexico LLC Formation Service is one example and an internet search will turn up dozens of other agencies. [This is just an example and I have no connection with this company in any way and have not used their services. Do your research to find a company you’re comfortable with.]

Another benefit of an anonymous New Mexico LLC is that it greatly simplifies transferring your property to an heir or family member. If for whatever reason you need to transfer the LLC (such as money-grubbing liability lawsuits, etc.) to someone all you have to do is hand them the papers and now they’re the owner. You can also legally avoid certain taxes, transfer fees, etc. by gifting or selling the LLC instead of selling the land or vehicle outright. The property has not changed hands, it still belongs to the LLC, only the owner of the LLC has changed so no taxes or transfer fees are due.

As an extra security measure I wrote up a document transferring the LLC to one of my sons, had three copies notarized, and tucked them away in three different safe places. If for some reasons (which I won’t mention aside from the “money-grubbing lawyers” one) I need to actually prove the property isn’t mine, I have the notarized document to show the transfer date. My son is unaware the LLC has been transferred to him. That protects both of us from the possibility he is involved in a divorce, especially where a 50/50 division of assets is required. He, (or his wife) has no knowledge or proof that he owns the LLC unless he has that notarized paper in his hand. Should I die, my children will find the document and I’m fully confident he’ll share the sales proceeds with the rest of my children as outlined in my will.

When setting up an LLC, you choose your own name such as Sunshine Acres LLC or Redoubt Recluse LLC, etc. I prefer to use an anagram of my name for the LLC name. The concept of “possession is nine-tenths of the law” as well as the LLC name on the county maps and deeds, make me prefer to skip the cutesy names and use a different technique for an anonymous LLC. As an extra protection to the nine-tenths rule, if for any unforeseen reason I had to prove this is indeed my LLC, unscrambling the LLC name to show it’s an anagram of my name should be a convincing piece of evidence. The same anagram technique can be used to create a “cutesy” name but being the gray man, I prefer mine to look like it could be an actual name when it appears on the county deeds and property-owner map so it doesn’t stick out.

There are many anagram generators available online such as Inge’s Anagram Generator. Be sure to click on “anagrams” and not “words.”

By typing your name in the box you can generate many possibilities. Some names are easier than others to create good anagrams from so it’s important to try different variations of your name. If Fred Flintstone doesn’t result in any desirable results (i.e. Driftnet Felons LLC, not a good choice!), try Fred A. Flintstone, Fred Agate Flintstone, etc. Some of the acronyms are downright hilarious so these generators are fun to play with. I made a list of 13 different anagrams, then ruminated for a while over which would be best. I finally decided on the one that looked most like an actual real name. When I did an Internet search on the last name, I got zero hits making it truly unique. Perfect!

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