Events Prove The Carnage Has Just Begun As NWO Takes ‘Digital Control’ Over The Masses, Banks ‘Gobble Gold’ And Criminal Invaders Charge Our Southern Border On ‘Traitor Joe’s’ Watch


by Alan Barton, All News Pipeline:

Funny how some things function.  There I was, just innocently sitting there looking through the files I saved links for on the current banking crisis and re-reading a few stories to see if anything stuck out and poked me in the eye and there it was – the title of another file crept into view.  That is one thing that I do; when a current event that interests me comes into focus, I copy and paste the URL’s to those stories into a Notepad file along with some brief comments of why I found it interesting or pertinent info it contains or whatever.   Not to be confused with the more complicated, or just longer term lists, as found in WordPad or the itemized long lists inside of Word or LibreOffice Writer complete with a Table of Contents to organize things better complete with a table of contents to find specific news categories easier.  No, the notepad files are basically just a short simple set of lists of story ideas to work from; kind of like a catchall bin as illustrated in the image above.  Many column ideas spawned from that method of making lists and I have a lot of dead links to show for it as censorship prevails and increases.


Let’s start with the banking thing first and go from there if I may.  As we are still in the setup for the planned failures stage, we will not go into details but perhaps a few headlines will set the table and hopefully light the path we will tread for today’s column.  As Joseph Mackinnon said in a recent Blaze article, “There have been three major bank failures so far this year, and some experts claim the carnage may not yet be at an end.  Former Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas President Robert Kaplan told Bloomberg Television this week that he thinks “the banking situation may well be more serious than we currently understand.”   Do you think so, really? (He said sarcastically)  All News Pipeline answered that with Susan’s story on the banking crisis and the need for preparations as the total chaos may appear at any moment.  Tuesday the Gateway Pundit noted the day before JP Morgan Chase CEO announced the banking crisis was over after they were allowed to purchase the assets from failed First Republic Bank.  They then listed the stock failures of eight more big regional banks and the bloodbath is just gaining momentum.  It appears to me that the fecal effluent has participated in spreading itself via the motorized wind device.

Zero Hedge agrees when they said “S**t Just Hit The Fan Across Markets, Regional Banks Crashing” and as Peter St. Onge of the Heritage Foundation said thousands of banks are in trouble because of the “fastest rate hikes in 50 years crashed their bonds, impaired their loans, and vaporized the easy profits they were making” and that virtually EVERY bank in America loaded up on expensive bonds and then lost “hundreds of billions as rates went up. American banks are now sitting on at least $620 billion of unrealized hidden losses. So First Republic was about 5% of that and we’ve got 95% to go.”  That leads us into a very promising future doesn’t it?  Not promising good things but promising something.

And Mike Adams of Natural News said “Central banks are buying gold at a record pace in anticipation of fiat currency collapse. Meanwhile, the commercial banking sector is imploding. Just today, three more banks were halted on the stock exchange as their stock prices collapsed.”  That is truth and we are just beginning this odyssey and our video below is Mikes take on the central banks “gobbling gold” as tens of thousands of more criminal invaders push into our southern borders.  Zero Hedge put it into perspective when they said that “Thus far in 2023, there have been three major bank failures. And I do mean MAJOR: all told the three banks had $532 billion in assets. That amount is actually greater in size that the combined assets of the 25 banks that failed in 2008.”   They continued on with this explanation that help make better sense of what is going on; “When Treasury yields rise, bond prices FALL. And who was sitting on trillions of dollars’ worth of long-term Treasuries and loans that traded based on long-term Treasuries?


You guessed it… the regional banks.


Courtesy of the Fed’s idiocy, the banks were destined to be sitting on hundreds of billions of dollars worth of losses on these assets.


But it gets worse.


Once the Fed finally decided to get off its rear and do something about inflation, it embarked on its most aggressive rate hike cycle in history, raising rates from 0.25% to 5% in the span of a single year.

This has resulted in the first time since 1945 that money has left the banking industry on a net basis.  So we have the regional banks going bust and since most local banks are in that bad of shape or worse, it means a complete banking failure is immediately ahead.  Step aside 1929; the 1933 Banking Act was supposed to stop that kind of failure but what we are entering has never happened on the scale it is now. We entered into a world war to try and stop it all, but the feds policies actually made it worse.  What kind of war are they planning to stop this crisis?

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