Death Of America Shown In Videos And Images As The U.S. Looks Like Poverty Stricken Third World Countries With Tents And Garbage Lining The Streets


by Susan Duclos, All News Pipeline:

Look at the image above. A homeless person’s tent, surrounded by wooden borders with U.S.A. written on white, with the red dripping like blood, and a hand drawn American flag.

Out of all the images and videos shown in this piece, this one actually brought tears to my eyes.

This is right here in America.


Imagine waking up one day to find a homeless person, along with his or her tent and all his/her worldly goods, sleeping right outside your front door, right past the sidewalk, meaning you didn’t even have the right to remove them?

The image below is from Portland, Oregon, one of dozens found over at Daily Mail, and is exactly what families have to deal with. Streets lined with homeless camps. People sleeping in front of stores.

Homeless person’s tent in front of someone’s home


When people see homeless encampments, or tents lining the streets, on sidewalks, or anywhere else throughout a town and/or state, the first thought is usually drugs, alcohol or some type of addiction costing these people their families, homes and jobs.

That is one reason residents of Portland are so outraged at a new proposal to decriminalize these types of encampments and tents lining the streets.



It is not only Portland, Oregon though. Homelessness is “exploding” all across America.

While it sounds overtly political to say, since I am a conservative, the worst of the worst homelessness, are in states or cities run by liberals. Except border states/cities, because illegal immigrants are coming over Biden’s open border by the thousands per day, without enough housing for them.

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It is not just drug addicts living on the streets, or in homeless encampments, but others down on their luck, trying to dig themselves out of a hole in an economy that is volatile and offers no help in the process.

Take California for instance.

Recently Steve Quayle linked to a piece showing a two mile long vehicle encampment in California, “made up of people living in RVs, trucks and trailers.”

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