America Led To The Slaughter As The Biden Crime Cabal Gives Ukraine $300 Million More Taxpayer Dollars To Get Nuked While Americans Starve And U.S. Banks And Stores Meet Extinction


by Stefan Stanford, All News Pipeline:

– Ed Dowd: ‘30% Of US Work Force Sick, Injured Or Dead’ A Sign Of The Times

According to Robert Kiyosaki, the best-selling author of the book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” an urgent situation is unfolding right now, with Kiyosaki telling us that with the Federal Reserve just warning the world to ‘expect a mild recession this year,‘ we’re really being told to ‘expect all hell to break loose.’


Reporting in this story over at Politicrossing that the last time the Fed said ‘inflation was transitory,’ it was actually not only totally out of control but here to stay, that story reminds us that back in 2008, nearly the same situation happened that is happening now, except the lying from America’s talking heads is much worse now than it was back then, leading to Kiyosaki’s conclusion that what’s dead ahead is worse than 2008 as well. Briefly from that story.:

After the 85-year-old investment bank, Bear Stearns collapsed, the Treasury Secretary at the time, Hank Paulson stated: 

“Our financial institutions, our banks and investment banks are very strong.” (ANP: Sound familiar?)

Shortly after, we experienced a huge financial crisis that affected the whole world for years. 

And right now, here’s the situation we’re in: The Fed hasn’t been able to get inflation under control despite the record 10 consecutive rate hikes. 

This has led to 3 banks collapsing, 186 other banks hanging on by a thin thread and Credit Suisse being bought for pennies on the dollar.

And as the Military Times reports in this new story, despite US banks already going under and signs and proof of plenty more problems on the way, joe biden is giving globalist stooge Zelensky and Ukraine another $300 million of US taxpayer dollars so they can get nuked, while banks here collapse, Americans starve and more and more stores go out of business thanks largely to insane leftist policies, we’re seeing more and more proof America’s ‘compass‘ is not only long broken but irreparably shattered.

With biden and the increasingly insane left continually pushing ‘trannies’ in our faces despite the majority of America soundly rejecting that ‘ideology,’ and more and more companies ‘going woke‘ then quickly ‘going broke‘ as the American people nearly unanimously reject their ludicrousness, including now the Pentagon and US Navy ‘committing suicide’ by the Navy’s decision to use a drag queen for their latest recruitment program, those moves are surely striking fear into the hearts and minds of Russia, Iran, North Korea and China (Heavy sarcasm!) as the biden crime cabal continues turning his administration and ‘WOKE America‘ into the world’s biggest laughing stock.

And with things on the war front looking like they’re ready to get kicked up several notches in the days ahead after reports a Ukrainian drone (aka joe biden’s drone) nearly struck the Kremlin in an alleged ‘assassination attempt‘ upon Vladimir Putin just the latest proof the globalists are rushing full speed ahead into kicking up their ‘depopulation agenda‘ several notches as their ‘final solution,’ as Expose-News reports in this new story, a Swiss lawyer suggested several years ago it was well past time we take a much deeper look at the Deagel Report’s forecast for Western civilization looking much different by the year 2025 than it does today, so we’ll do that and more in the final section of this story below, with the most alarming warning from Robert Kiyosaki in this Politicrossing story being the American people are right now, this very moment, being ‘led to the slaughter.’ Thanks for nothing but genocide, joe.

And as this new story over at Natural News reports, according to a survivor of Mao Zedong’s reign of terror in China, the tyranny and oppression being unveiled by America’s ‘UniParty‘ and the ‘biden crime family‘ reminds her of what she went through in China, although she has a very blunt warning for anybody in the US govt now carrying out acts of terror and genocide upon the American people. From that story.:

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