Parents given permission to euthanize children if they have certain diseases


    from WND:

    Nation extends voluntary deaths law

    Children between the ages of 1 and 12 now can be euthanized in one European nation after officials there extended their voluntary death laws to cover them.

    The only qualification appears to be that they have a terminal illness and be suffering.

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    The Telegraph reported the Dutch government has tweaked its Euthanasia Act so that children are covered for the first time.

    “Under the change, euthanasia – legal, voluntary death carried out by a doctor – will only be an option for children who are suffering unbearably with no hope of improvement and for whom palliative care cannot bring relief,” the report explained.

    Health minister Ernst Kuipers said the death procedure now is available for “children who are so ill that death is unavoidable and they are expected to die soon.”

    The government said it expects the process will be used on up to 10 children a year.

    Euthanasia is considered different from assisted suicide as it is seen as a medical procedure.

    Already, it was available for terminally ill infants and older children could ask for it if their parents agreed, the report said.

    Physicians in the Netherlands by and large long had backed the idea.

    But fierce opposition was coming from two Christian parties in the ruling Dutch coalition, the report said.

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