NEW: “Election Officials Brazenly HIDING EVIDENCE From Us” – Kari Lake Speaks Out After Maricopa County Denies Lawful Public Records Request – Request and Response INCLUDED


    by Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit:

    Kari Lake took to Twitter earlier to sound the alarm on Maricopa County’s refusal to provide her legal team with public records pursuant to Arizona Statute. 

    Lake tweeted earlier, “Maricopa County has confirmed what we all knew to be true: Ballot signatures DO NOT MATCH.

    “This is the smoking gun,” said Lake.

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    Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer, who is accused of hiding the records from Lake’s legal team, responded with a snarky tweet stating that Lake’s claims lack the evidence that he is keeping from her team. Leftist journalism nonprofit Arizona’s Law called Lake’s claim “unreal” despite the potential law violation by Maricopa County in hiding this evidence.

    Lake added that she is “not giving up — even if that means legally forcing them to hand over evidence.”

    On March 25, Lake Attorney Brian Blehm sent a Public Records Request to Recorder Stephen Richer asking to inspect “all 2022 General Election Ballot Affidavit Envelopes; including mail-in, early voting and late early ballot envelopes.” Blehm added, “Given the active case, Lake v. Hobbs, is already moving on an expedited schedule and considering failure to furnish records promptly is considered a denial of access to records, my client respectfully requests that items (1), (2), and (3) above be delivered on or before Monday, March 27, 2023.”

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