BREAKING: President Biden Finally Declares the National Covid Emergency is ‘Over’


    by Kyle Becker, Becker News:

    President Joe Biden, after 1,120 days of slowing the spread, has finally declared the national Covid emergency “over.”

    Biden signed into law House Joint Resolution 7, which officially ends the pandemic emergency.

    “On Monday, April 10, 2023, the President signed into law: H.J. Res. 7, which terminates the national emergency related to the Covid-19 pandemic.”

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    In March, Biden angered Democrats with his announcement that he planned to sign the legislation after it was passed by the U.S. Senate.

    The resolution ends a number of waivers for federal health programs Medicare, Medicaid and CHIP. The Biden administration had already set an impending deadline for both the national emergency and the public health emergency to end on May 11.

    This is breaking news. It will be updated as more information is forthcoming.

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