VIDEO & PHOTO PROOF: The Nashville crime scene was set up in advance and the shooting was staged.


    from State Of The Nation:

    Nashville’s Christian School Mass Shooting:
    A Staged, False Flag, Gladio-style Black Operation and Psyop with
    Several Objectives

    The perfectly staged photos of this transparent op tell the whole story
    First, look at the photo above.  It’s all over the Internet by design.

    Next, take a close look at the photos below.  Again, they’re being plastered all over the Internet with great purpose.

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    Now, watch the video posted HERE to view this meticulously choreographed PR stunt.

    Obviously, the entire ‘crime scene’ was set up in advance so the well-trained crisis actor could play her part well.

    Her main part, of course, was to dramatically show the whole world just how scary an assault rifle looks when it’s being brandished as she walks all over the Christian Covenant school for children.

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